Clock POS update (4 Aug 2015)

Modified on: Thu, 15 Sep, 2022 at 12:50 PM


New reports added

  • Closed Folios Report, Closed Folios Summary Report, Folio Taxes Report (VAT). They are centralised reports and can summarise information from various accounts or be used for a single account only.
  • New tax mode - 'Tax included in prices, rounding - total'. The new tax calculation mode is for tax-inclusiv prices. However, there is a significant difference from the other similar mode (Tax included in prices, rounding – per line). It is about the folio tax amount. Here is comparison of the two tax modes (the old and the new one).
    • Old tax mode (Tax included in prices, rounding – per line): The folio tax amount is calculated as the sum of the tax in each line, rounded for each line. What's is specific for this mode is that if you calculate the resulting tax % on the folio total itself, it may differ from the one originally set in the separate lines (e.g., it can become 20.01%). The reason for this is the tax rounding per each line.
    • The new mode (Tax included in prices, rounding - total): The folio tax amount is calculated on the basis of the folio total (sum of the prices in each line) using the following formula: Tax = Total - Total/( 1 + Tax%/100). The resulting amount is rounded to the smallest monetary unit (usually 0.01). What's specific for this tax mode is that the sum of the net values of the lines do not correspond to the folio net amount, as the line amounts are rounded in each line, and the total is calculated and rounded on the basis of the total folio amount.
  • Transfer of POS Bills - now the tips are also transferred. When transferring a POS bill, containing a tip, it is also transferred. In the folio, the tip is reflected as an additional charge of the 'surcharge_transfer' revenue group.


  • When charging menu items manually, you need to enter a tax rate, if the tax mode requires it.
  • WRS – a new clearer error message, when there is no time selected for a booking

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