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Capacity Counters

Capacity Counters have two main functions:

  • through Capacity counters you set and control availability of items/services with limited capacity - e.g. parking spaces preventing overselling.
  • using Capacity counters you can limit the sales of certain rates. It could be due to the rate including a packaged item/service that has limited capacity or simply, you want to sell that particular rate only X number of times for a day/period.

Creating Capacity Counters

To create a Capacity Counter navigate to menu Settings->All Settings->Charge Templates->press the button 'Old version' on the top right corner.

From there. scroll to the bottom of the new page and in section 'Capacity counter' click on '+New'

In the window that pops up, enter the name of the counter and its capacity.

Once you have created your counters, edit the respective Charge Template/s and select them through the Capacity counter field:

Note: You can use the same capacity counter for many charge templates that need to use that availability. For example, if you charge for parking in Tiers: parking per day - 10 EUR; parking 3 days - 25 EUR; parking 1 week - 60 EUR; - you need one counter for your parking spots, attached to the 3 charge templates.

How they work

By having counters attached to charge templates, Clock PMS+ will track the availability of those items/services and restrict their sales on the BookDirect (WRS) and MyBooking Portal (SSP) whenever there is no availability. With this, you ensure that you won't 'oversell' a particular item or service.

Furthermore, you can use the 'Charge Template Availability report' to track the availability of those items/services in case you need to manually post a charge to a folio.

Tip: You can also use capacity counters to track availability of items you give free of charge, for example, a Baby Cot. Simply create a Charge template with 0 price for the baby cot and attach the counter. When guests request a baby cot, simply post that 0 price charge in their folio to adjust and track its availability.

Daily availability

You can set and control the daily availability of the Capacity Counters by using the "Capacity Counters by date" functionality (located in the "Capacity counter" section of the "Charge templates" screen). It allows you to view and edit the daily availability of the Capacity Counters you have created.

Capacity Counters and Rates

You can also use Capacity counters to restrict the number of sales of a particular rate/package. You simply need to attach a counter to an element added in a Rate Package and the system will track the number of sales and stop them when the full capacity has been reached.

Note: Different counters can also be used for individual package elements, e.g. one counter for the breakfast and a different one for the SPA. The availability of such a package will be the lesser one of the two elements. In other words, if you have 20 available breakfasts and 10 spa procedures, the whole package availability will be 10. 

Furthermore, If you simply wish to control the sales of a particular rate for the purposes of the revenue management, you can add an additional element to the package at a zero price whose availability to track.

When applied, rates that include this package element will be automatically stopped for sale online (BookDirect, Channel Manager, Upsell module) once capacity is reached of at least one of the elements.

For enquiries or manual bookings, you will be able to see how many are available by the small green icon in the Rate and Availability screen.

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