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Thanks to the new 'export Blocks' feature, you could offer event blocks for sale both in the SynXis booking system and in GDS systems.


  • Blocks are sent when they are for a room type included in the mappings. The block is required to have a code, as well as prices (rate and/or manual price).
  • The block export includes:
    • Period;
    • Number of blocked rooms;
    • Number of sold blocks;
    • Room type (the mappings code used;)
    • Price (a manual price or the one from the rate (room price or guest offsets));
    • Block code;
    • Block name;
    • Expiry date;
    • Company;
    • Agent;
    • Contact person;
    • Cancelled status.

Important: If the block code is changed, after it has already been sent, then the block will be desynchronised.

Note: Upon changes to blocks in the system of SynXis, full data overwriting with the new data from the block, i.e. the existing block is deleted and a new one is created with the data received.

Work mechanism

To automatically export blocks, follow the below order of operations when creating blocks. Otherwise, you will need to perform manual export ("SYNC" page):

  1. In the edit mode of the blocks for the respective room type, in the 'Rate / Name (Code)' column, set a code and rate/manual price for the block.
  2. When the code has a code, block the necessary number of rooms by reflecting them for the respective dates.
  3. Save all changes ('Save' or 'Save and Close').

Block export specifics:

  • Similar to the rate export, here a room price and Occupancy based prices. (Guest Offsets) are supported.
  • Whether the price will be treated as one including tax or not again depends on the 'Tax inclusive rate plan' setting in the rate mapping. If the block has a manual price only, and it is without a rate, the 'Default block tax mode' setting will be taken into account.
  • Prices
    • If the block only has a rate selected, and it is without a manual price and number of Adults/children per room, the price from the rate in question will be sent to SynXis. If the selected rate contains Guest offsets, the prices for all configured offsets (Adult 1-5, Child 1-5, Extra Adult, Extra Child) will be exported.
    • If the block has specified Adults/Children per room, these parameters will be used for the calculation of its price. The resulting value will be sent as a single price for a room. Similarly, if there is a manual price in the block, it will also be sent as a single price for a room.
  • Info of the number of blocked (how many units are reserved = @RoomTypePickupStatus=“1”) and sold rooms (Sold counts/how many rooms are sold for the group block = @RoomTypePickupStatus=“4”) is sent to SynXis.
  • Automatic export of blocks is performed in case of a change to the number of occupied rooms or consumption. In all other situations, e.g. a change to a price, rate, block code, no automatic export is run. In these cases, you need to perform manual synchronisation. It can be done from the 'Sync' page on the settings screen, as you need to first enter the block code and then run the synchronisation.

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