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A Kitchen in Clock POS refers to the place Orders will be sent to and where specific meals are being prepared. Furthermore, Printers in Clock POS are directly linked to Kitchens. So when an Order is placed, all Menu Items in that Order will be sent to their corresponding Kitchen and printed on the Kitchen Printers (if any). It is a great functionality mainly used for helping your staff to coordinate their work. For instance,  a cup of coffee is prepared by the bartender at the Bar. You can create a "Kitchen" called "Bar" in Clock POS and assign multiple Menu Items to it.


To create a Kitchen in Clock POS, you should go to Management -> Kitchens.

Click the "New" button to open a new screen where you can input the "Name" of the Kitchen, e.g. Bar. Additionally, if you have any Printers connected to Clock POS, they will be shown as checkboxes next to the "Printers" label. 

Clicking the "Create" button will create your Kitchen and return you to the previous screen. Now you can see all your Kitchens and the Printers connected to them (if any).

Clicking the "Edit" button will open a screen as shown in the image and will allow you to edit the name of your Kitchen or add/remove printers. Click the “Update” button to save any changes made.

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