How to apply a Day price?

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Alternatively, you can also apply prices individually per day if you do not generally apply seasonal prices or you simply want to set a specific price for a day/s within a season.

Important: Price applied on a daily level has priority over the one set on a season.

Applying a daily price

To apply a daily price in a rate:

  • Access the 'Rates Management' screen (Settings->Rate Planes);
  • Load the rates which you want to edit by using Rate Search.
  • Navigate to the Days tab.

  • Load the period for whose dates you wish to set the prices.
  • Make sure that you have selected 'Price' through the "pencil" icon button button in the top right corner.

  • Click on the cell for the rate/date for which you want to apply the price.

  • (1) - enter the price and press 'Enter' on your keyboard to set the price just for this date or through the 'Tab' key go to the next cell to edit the price for the next day.
  • (2) - enter the price and press the 'Forward' button to apply the price also for the next date.
  • (3) - enter the price and press the 'Fast forward' button to also apply the price to the rest of the days of the period you have loaded.
  • (4) - enter the price and press the 'Calendar' button to apply the price for specific dates (non-consecutive) within the period you have loaded.

Important: If you are adding a daily price in a derived rate, the value that you should enter is the amount or % difference between the derived and its base rate.

 Make sure you press the Save button after you apply your changes.

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