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With Clock PMS+, you can edit several bookings at once. This way you don't need to process each booking separately. The feature is very handy when making changes to multiple bookings of one group.

Work with multiple bookings

Here is how to load and use the edit screen:

  • Load the list of bookings you would like to change. Use one of the search options;
  • To access the functional buttons, click the 'Select Multiple' button (not applicable if using the 'Bookings - Advanced Search' screen);
  • Select several bookings to be processed;
  • Click Open->Edit button;

Edit mode

The selected bookings will open in an edit mode. Here is how you can make changes to them:

  • To load the fields on screen that you would like to change, use the 'Columns'(1) button. With the next screen accessing, these columns will automatically load.
  • Make the changes to each of the bookings;
  • Save (3) all changes.

Clicking the 'Open in Advanced Search' (2) button will load the bookings on the 'Bookings - Advanced Search' screen where you use the functional buttons and perform other operations with these bookings.

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