Rate management screen - Overview

Modified on: Thu, 5 Jan, 2023 at 8:46 AM


Rate Management screen sections

We have split the main screen in several sections. You can move among the sections while creating, editing or testing the calculation of your rates. The navigation among the sections can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Rate Management options

Here is what to expect:

  • To manage given rates, you will first need to load them on the respective operating screen. HERE you can learn how the search works.
  • The process of creating new rates is significantly easier. It’s not necessary to add rates one by one, we have created a functionality allowing you to enter several rates at once. This way you can easily add all the rates from one rate plan in a single step. If a given rate attribute  (e.g. the charge template) is the same for all new rates, it is not necessary to complete it for each individual rate. In a click, the system can fill it in for you for all new rates.  You can learn more about the process HERE.
  • The management of seasonal prices is in a separate section. The Seasons feature allows you to define prices, restrictions, guest offsets and guest levels which to be applied to a certain period of time. HERE you can learn more about the season management.
  • The management of daily prices is also in a separate section. The calendar of daily prices is very compact and handy with its multiple options to quickly edit prices, restrictions and other parameters for each individual day. HERE you can learn about this calendar.
  • Other
    • To make the pricing configuration easier, we have created the Testing section. Here you can test the calculation of end prices for multiple rates and different combinations of adults and children. The system will list the prices for all selected rates and guest combinations, so you can quickly and easily check if you have configured them correctly.
    • There is also a bulk rate update section. Using this feature you can update all rates having identical parameters in only a few clicks.

Learn more about these features HERE.

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