How to create a new booking

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Clock PMS+ allows you to create bookings through various operating screens. We will examine each of the options and the specifics you need to take into consideration.

Through the Rate and Availability screen

Rate and Availability is an operating screen providing the fastest way to check the availability in a certain period along with the valid prices at which a client can book. 

To access the screen, from the navigation bar, select Availability->Rate and Availability. To check the availability and the prices, and create a booking, follow these steps:

  • Enter the parameters of the specific enquiry - arrival and departure dates. If your prices depend on the number of guests, enter the number of adults and children, as well as the children's ages for a more precise calculation of the price (1)
  • Run a search clicking the 'Check Availability' (2) button.
  • From the shown results, select a room type and price to create the booking through the 'Book' button.

 Note: If the 'Book' button is not green, the respective product is NOT available for booking.

  • The booking screen will open. All parameters selected on the 'Rate and Availability' screen will automatically be populated. 
  • To finish the booking, you need to enter the contact info. To do so, enter the guest's details (4) or info of the contact person (5), making the booking.
  • Save the booking through the 'Create' create button.

More info on how to use the screen can be found HERE.

Through the Room Calendar screen

From the operating screen, you can get info of the room availability for a certain period of time. From here you can associate the booking with a specific room. Open the screen by going to the navigation bar and selecting Availability->Room Calendar. To create a booking:

  • Load the calendar for the desired period;
  • Click the calendar cell corresponding to the start date of the booking and the respective room you would like to book;
  • From the context menu, use the quick booking creation links;

  • The booking screen will open. In this case, only the booking period and the room number will automatically be filled in. All of the rest parameters are to be entered (a rate, meals, a guest number) before creating the booking.

More info on the 'Room Calendar' screen can be found HERE.

Through the Occupancy Forecast screen

The screen gives you info of the hotel availability by room types. You can open it by going to the navigation bar and selecting Availability->Occupancy Forecast. To create a booking, first, load the screen for the desired period.

  • Find the respective room type;
  • In the  'FREE' row, you need to move to the start date for booking and click the green digit;
  • On the new booking screen, the system will automatically populate the start date and the room type for the booking. The rest of the parameters are to be entered before the creation of the booking.

More info on how to use the 'Occupancy Forecast' screen can be found HERE.

Through the Rooms Plan screen

The screen shows the room availability for a specific date. To open it, please go to the Navigation bar and select Availability->Rooms Plan. From here you can create a booking for a certain room number:

  • Click a free room (visually it is shown in green)
  • From the context menu, select a booking creation option.
  • The booking screen will open with filled-in details of the booking period and the room number.

From the Navigation Bar

From the Navigation Bar, select Booking->New Booking

  • You will open the booking screen. All fields will be empty and you will need to select all the booking parameters before creating it.
  • By default, you are required to fill in these fields at least: 
    • booking period;
    • room type;
    • contact info - one of the following fields is to be filled in: Company, Agent, Guest or Contact person;

Detailed info of the purpose of each booking field can be found HERE.

Note: If you miss to select a rate when creating the booking, it will remain without a calculated price. Depending on the type of the defined rates, it is possible that you are required to enter the number of guests and the children's ages for the precise price calculation.

Tip: Despite the multiple booking creation options, we strongly advise you to preferably use the 'Rate and Availability' screen. The work with this screen will minimise the actions related to the manual entry of the booking parameters and reduce the chances of errors.

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