Document Numbering and Payment Term for Closed Folios

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Document Number Generators

The Document Number Generators are used to determine the method of numbering of the documents you issue through the system. For each configured document type, you should select its number generator. 


Please consider the following:

  • One generator can be used for several document types. In this case, these documents will share common numbering;
  • The setup of the number generators can be changed at each point. The new settings will only apply to the newly issued documents;
  • Correction documents related to a given document type use the number generator selected for the respective document type.

You can access the document number generator by going to the navigation bar and selecting Settings->All Settings-> Documents->Document Number Generator.

To correct the settings of an existing number generator, use the Edit button at the beginning of its row. To create a new number generator, click the "+" button.

When setting up the number generator, please follow the logic applying to the setup of the number generators in the system.

Payment Term for Closed Folios

For easier control and tracking of the payments under closed folios, you can set a standard payment term for a closed folio. To do so, go to the navigation bar and select Settings->All Settings-> Documents->Default Payment Terms - Days.

Enter the number of days after the folio closing within which the amounts due under the unpaid folios are to be paid. Before exiting the screen, save the changes. The value set here will apply to all folios in the system.

Note: Exceptions to the rule can be set at the folio and company levels.

  • For a specific folio, you can change the payment term by opening the folio settings and entering the new value in the 'Payment term - days' field. 
  • For each Company, you can set a different payment term that will be valid for the folios of this company. More details can be found in Company Profile Creation.

You can track the unpaid closed folios and observance of the set payment terms through Accounts Receivable report.

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