Contact Person on the Booking screen

The Booking contact person is an option we have added to the Booking screen to let you specify a Contact Person.  This is for the cases when the booking is not made by the guest, but by someone else.

Here is an example of such a case where the new Contact Person option can be very useful: The manager of company Bosch – S. Smith will travel. His executive assistant A. Wallis is organizing the booking. In this case, A. Wallis will be the Contact Person and the communication related to the booking will be between the respective hotel and A. Wallis, but the guest will be S. Smith.

The booking's Contact Person is not mandatory in contrast to the guest. The Contact Person's data should be entered solely in the cases if they are different from the ones of the guests in the booking.

On the New Booking/Edit screen, apart from Guest, you can select one more profile – Contact Person. You can search for a profile or create a new one.

In the Guest Profile, you now have two tables of the related booking to separate the bookings where the profile is used as a guest from the ones where this profile is used as a Contact Person

Company Contact Person and its relation to the Booking screen

The Contact Person functionality can also be used on the Company screen. You can add multiple Contact Persons to a Company (A. Wallis, M. Jones, K. Taylor, for example).  Apart from being reference info on the Company screen, you can easily choose Contact Persons in the bookings from ones related to the given Company.  Please, see the screenshots below:

Agent Contact Person and its relation to the Booking screen

Additionally, you have an Agent field on the Booking screen. This way, a booking can also have a Company (e.g. Bosch) and an Agent (e.g. TUI). The Agents can be selected from the list of the existing companies (more information on how to create and manage Companies can be found in the Companies article).  

The role of an Agent in a booking is mainly a reference one, i.e. this way, you know which company organizes and is responsible for the booking. More information about them can be found in the Agents article.

Other important functionalities of the Booking Contact Person

  • Search by Contact Person. Apart from the contact details (name, telephone, email), now you can also search bookings by Contact Person details. This option is available in: Quick Search (in the navigation bar); Arrivals; In Hotel; Departures and Advanced Search .
  • Creation of multiple bookings with one and the same Contact Person. Choose a Contact Person in the new booking form to be automatically selected in all the copies of the booking (Create multiple).
  • Guest Mailer. If a Contact Person is selected for a Booking, all communication will be sent to the selected Contact Person instead of the guest in the booking.
  • WRS – an option for completing a booking on behalf of someone else: "I'm booking for somebody else". When selected, the entered data (name, telephone, email, etc.) will be added to the booking(s) as a Contact Person, and for each booking the system will additionally require the names of the guests to stay at the property.