Folio Preview, Printing and Sending

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Now that you have seen the folios and learned how to work with them, next, we will examine the preview and printing options. Clock PMS+ offers a wide range of print views regardless of whether the folio is still open or closed.

Folio preview

To select the folio preview mode, follow these steps:

  • Open the folio and click the 'Preview' button;
  • A folio print preview will load depending on the standard setup defined in the Tax Settings;
  • You can change the view through the 'View' (4) button. Select the respective option and see the folio view.
  • Through the 'Languages' (3) button you can change the language to be used for the folio printing;

Note: By default, the print view of the booking folio will be generated in the language selected in the profile of the main guest of the booking. If there is no language selected in the profile of the guest or there is no such language added in the translations, the folio will be shown in the default language selected in Languages and Texts.

  • You can print out the folio in each of the views. To paper print, select the 'Print' (1) button;

Single row folio

Apart from the different detail level views of the folio, we have also provided the option to print the folio in a fully compact view - one row. The option enables you to add the text on your own that will be used for summarising all services. The text serves as a description of the charge in the print form. You have two options to add it:

  • Open the folio;
  • Select Issue->the Single row Folio button;


  • Select the 'Preview' button;
  • For the print view, click the 'Single row folio' (5);
  • Enter summarising text and save.

If a summarising text is already added, but you would like to once again use some of the detailed views, simply remove the text the same way you added it.

Folio emailing

When emailing a folio, please note that the customer receives a link to the folio, the view to be loaded is determined the following way:

  • Open folio -  the client will see the view mode last selected when reviewing the folio;
  • Closed folio - the client will see the view mode selected during the folio closing;

Here is how to send the email:

  • Open the folio and select the Preview button;
  • After the print view loads, select the 'Send' (2) button;
  • Select the template intended for the folio sending;
  • Choose the email language (6);
  • Confirm the email recipient (7). The system will automatically suggest choosing between the email of the Contact person/Main guest of the booking and the Billing to of the folio. You also have the option to enter another email of your choosing;
  • Confirm the email sending through the 'Send' button (8).

Printing multiple folios

Apart from printing each folio individually, you can print multiple folios at once. We have provided two options to this end:

Mass booking folio printing

The option is applicable for a list of bookings. You can select the bookings through one of the familiar screens like Arrivals, Departures, In Hotel, Search Booking and Bookings - Advanced Search. Follow these steps:

  • Upon loading the bookings on the respective screen, click the 'Select Multiple' button (not applicable to the Bookings - Advanced Search screen);
  • Select the lines of the bookings;
  • Click Folios->Client Folio Preview button.

A format for the printing of all folios (open and closed) of the selected bookings will be generated.  

Mass printing of closed folios

We have provided an option for the easy printing of all folios closed within a certain period. Follow these steps:

  • From the Navigation bar, select Reports->All Reports;
  • From the 'Finance and Statistics' group, select the 'Closed Folios in Print Format' report;
  • Enter the period in which the folios were closed and generate the report;

Note: The report uses the print format selected in the Tax Settings.

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