Billing Info

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Billing Info

Billing Info will be used in your invoice and bill printouts as 'Supplier' info. To fill in this info, from the navigation bar, go to  Settings->All Settings->Documents->Billing Info.

Fill in the billing details of your company. Empty fields will not be printed.

  • Second ID. Use this field if local authorities require additional company identification to be printed in your invoices/bills.
  • Additional Billing Info. Fill in any additional information that is required for 'Supplier'.

Note: Versions of the company data into other languages are not supported. Please complete the info in the way you would it to appear in document printouts.

Billing Info (Individual Customer)

Clock PMS+ allows you to set Billing info details to be then used when issuing a document to a customer not staying at your hotel. Usually these are External client folios. This way you will make sure that these folios will not remain without data in the Billing To section - the info entered into the “Name” and ”Country” fields will be retrieved. Of course, you have the option to make changes to specific customer details before issuing the document.

To add these details, from the navigation bar, go to Settings->All Settings->Documents->Billing Info (Individual Customer).

Marketing source, channel and segment 

Apart from Billing Info for non-resident folios,  you can set values for the marketing elements which then to be applied to the segmentation reports about the charges of these folios. You can access these settings from the navigation menu Settings->All Settings->Documents->Report Segment (Individual Customer). Complete this setting, upon configuring the values for the marketing elements.

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