RoomCloud - Activation and Procedures

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Activation of the channel manager

To start the activation procedure for the channel manager, please contact the Clock PMS+ support team. 

The initial steps are:

  • Add your property details and the OTAs which are to be connected listed in file provided by the Clock PMS+ support team and shared with the RoomCloud support team as well.
  • Set up the contact email(s) at which you will receive notifications about the new and updated bookings, as well as direct message from the RoomCloud team. 
  • Set up the email(s) at which you will receive any error messages from the connected OTAs (more details are provided in the 'Connection errors' section below).
  • Select RoomCloud as the channel manager provider in the OTAs that require the selection of a channel manager provide (e.g., Expedia). Please note that this need to be done on the date before the scheduled activation
Important:  Upon activation, the channel manager will send an update with the prices and the availability for the next 1 year. All present and future bookings need to be created in Clock PMS+ before the activation to ensure that the correct data will be sent to the OTAs with the initial update.

After the completion of the above initial steps,  the RoomCloud team will contact you with the scheduled activation date and the date on which they can provide you with an online training session about the settings to be done in RoomCloud.

They will also give you access to the RoomCloud account for your property and will inform you how to directly contact them from the account.

After the training session please consult the 'RoomCloud Setup' article about the connection settings in Clock PMS+.

Adding or removal of an OTA

To connect a new OTA, please add its details to the shared file and check if the OTA requires the selection of a channel manager provider. If so, please select RoomCloud. Contact the support team of Clock PMS+ to check the channel manager's licence. If the current licence covers the new OTA connections, the procedure will be started directly. If this is not the case, please contact the Clock PMS+ support team to discuss the changes.

Please contact us each time an OTA needs to be removed from the settings. You can also contact the support team of RoomCloud when an OTA needs to be added or removed - they will always contact us to confirm the licence of the channel manager.

Update the connection to an OTA

When a change is made to any of the connected OTAs (e.g. some rates are removed and new ones are created), the connection to the OTA needs to be updated, so that the new OTA settings can be downloaded in RoomCloud. Please contact the RoomCloud support team for an update of the OTA connection.

Once the connection is updated, please apply the connection settings in RoomCloud and then in Clock PMS+.

Connection errors

If you receive an error message directly in Clock PMS+, please contact us to make the necessary checks.

If you receive an error at email(s) listed in the shared file, please contact the RoomCloud support team for assistance. Please note that some errors are temporal (e.g. the OTA server is currently unreachable). RoomCloud has a tool that resends data shortly  after the error generation.

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