Clock PMS+ Update (24 Jul 2023)

Modified on: Tue, 25 Jul, 2023 at 12:43 PM


New Features

  • Package elements for a specific date. Through the new feature, you can better solve cases like Christmas or New Year's Eve Dinner or other similar packages. As you know, the package elements are used to let you break down the sales price by individually priced elements and have clearer and more accurate invoicing and reports. Previously, it was not possible to separate an element for a specific date, e.g.only on December 31 to separate an element for the New Year's Eve dinner. Here is why, we have added a new field to the package element allowing you to specify multiple specific dates on which the element is to be separated.

Please note that the package elements are always excluded from the package price. In other words, the price in the package is to be increased by the price of the respective package through the rate instruments. Here is an example on how you can do it through the rate instruments:

Example: Increasing the price on December 31 by the price of the New Year's Eve dinner:

  • Create a derived rate for the New Year's Eve package based on the overnight stay rate;
  • In the derived rate, create a new season starting from December 31, for which the price will be increased, and another one starting January 1, for which your normal prices will be restored;
  • Use the Guest offsets in the season starting from December 31 to set an additional price for the New Year's Eve dinner. Through the offsets for Adults and Children, you can set different prices for the two groups. This way you will form the package price (overnight stay and New Year's Eve dinner).
  • To the rate package, selected in the derived rate, add an element to be used for separating the value you wish for December 31. Once again you can use different values for adults and children.

The new settings can be accessed from All Settings (new)->Rates->Rate packages.

  • A new 'Deduct Advance on issue' setting - related to the behaviour of the features for issuing Advances based on another folio. When you use the features for the creation of an Advance folio based on a percentage from another folio or based on an already accepted payment, apart from the issue of an Advance folio, the Advance was automatically used to reduce the manual operations. However this automatic operation is not convenient for the users using the Deposit Ledger due to the fact that when an Advance is used, it disappears from the Deposit Ledger, as in this case it occurs on the very date of the Advance issue. Use the new setting to exclude or include the automatic Advance use depending on your needs. You access this new setting from All Settings (new) ->Payments->Deposit Models.


  • Capacity counters - new screens:
    •  new screen for the setup of Capacity Counters - adding, editing and deleting. It is accessible through the new settings screen in the 'Charges & Taxes' group.
    • A new screen for editing and setting the capacity day by day.The screen has two visualisation modes being switched from the small button in the upper right corner: 
      • The detailed view shows all counters and all data for the selected period (capacity, sold, availability).

      • The compact view only shows only the days (capacity) on which there is an exception set.

    • A new Mass Update feature. Use it to select multiple counters, periods, as well as to set or remove an already set capacity.

The last two screens are already accessible from the Availability section of the navigation bar.

  • New settings screen - more screens are accessible on 'All Settings' screen where the functionalities of their previous screens are preserved. Here you can find the settings for: Marketing, Rate packages, Meals & Restaurants, Logos / Image Library, Self Service Portal, Kiosk, MICE (3 screens), Payment Processing (5 screens), Document Type(s), Document Number Generator, Custom SMTP config, Clock IoT connector, BRP.


  • QuickBooks online export has been redesigned and now has a new fresh and clean look.


  • Slovenian fiscalisation: The communication to the fiscal authorities is now made available and the exchanged data is visible along with any errors if returned by the fiscal authorities.


  • The new improved version of the file import is now also available for Clock POS.

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