Masking, Retention period, and ID Processor settings

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In section Settings->All Settings->Guest Profile Fields you have 3 additional settings that you can control.

Set masking format (Anonymization)

Through the system of masking/anonymization of data, you can choose the way in which data to be shown on most screens.

The masking is aimed at maximally limiting the access to personal data for staff not needing to have such access and for the places where such data is not necessary.

Data masking can be applied to first name, last name, email and phone. This way, almost everywhere in the system, the guest data is shown the following way: "J Smith,****@***.com, ******456"

Note: If a guest profile is created while a masking option is active the data in this profile will remain hidden even if the masking option is switched off. If you want the data to be shown, please edit the profile and save it without any changes in order to apply the new masking settings. 

Masking is available for the following fields through following format:

  • First Name: The first letter of the name
  • Last name: The first letter of the last name
  • Email: The first 4 characters of the email address. The masked email looks this way: '****@***.com'
  • Phone: The last 3 digits of the phone number. This is a masked phone number: '*******456'

Access rights

  • If a user does not have the Personal Data: Access right, but still has access rights to the system, bookings and other screens, the same can see the masked fields (First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone) the way you have chosen for these fields to be visualized (masked or not). The rest of the guest data contained in the encrypted fields will not available for this employee. For the same to perform their duties, the screens are accessible, but the encrypted information is shown this way: ****.
  • If the user has the Personal Data: Access right, the same can see the full content of the encrypted fields. Still, on most screens, the guest info is minimized and only the masked fields are shown. The full information can be seen on the screen of the booking itself and in the respective Guest Profile.
  • Advanced Personal Data: Bulk Access. This right has been created for screens and features allowing access to multiple personal data records. Such screens are: the Register, various data exports to the police, as well as the API. Through this right, you can meet the GDPR requirements to grant access only to personnel who need direct access to this information.

Set the retention period (in months)

You can set how many months the guest data will be stored in Clock PMS+. Please note that only the data marked as ENCRYPTED will be deleted.

ID Processor settings

Select 'Yes' or 'No' if you wish to store the document/passport images made through the ID Processor functionality. If your local legislation does not allow you to store document images, please select 'No'. The fields in the registration card will be completed with the data retrieved from the document, but the images (of the document, the signature or the person) will not be stored in the registration card of the guest or anywhere else in the system for that matter.

Full information about the ID Processor functionality can be found HERE.

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