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By default, all emails are sent with the 'From' field set to '', and the master user (owner of the subscription) email is set as 'Reply-To'. Here are the options you have in terms of emailing and the address that your guests will see when you send them an email.


All of the options available under menu Settings -> All Settings -> section 'Hotel' -> Hotel email

  • From (1) - current address which guests will see when you send them an email
  • Reply To (2) - current address to which replies from guests will go
  • Update Hotel Email (3) - use this option if you wish to change the 'Reply To' address. The 'From' address will still be noreply@clock-......
  • Use own email as 'From' after domain verification (4) - you can use this option to change the 'From' address. However, verification is needed. The email verification requires adding a few additional records to your domain's records. This can be done by someone who has access to your domain records - a system administrator, a web developer, or yourself if you know how. Keep in mind that this is only possible if you own the domain of the hotel email. That is, the part after @ is your domain. If you use an email with a domain like,, or any other email service provider, you do not own the domain and cannot verify it.

What needs to be added?

Three CNAME records, generated by the system and concerning DKIM authentication required by the Amazon SES services we use, need to be added to your domain.

To obtain these records:

  • Select 'Use own email as 'From' after domain verification',
  • Fill in the entire hotel email and then press 'Start Verification'
  • You will see the records that need to be added to your domain.
  • After they are added, return to this screen and select Finish Verification. If everything is successful, the status of your email will change.
  • Use a custom SMTP Server and own email as 'From' (5) - use this if you prefer to use a Custom SMTP server. A new window will open where you can enter the SMTP details.

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