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Adding content for each language

Each line in the content section refers to a different function/feature or element in the system. Rest assured, you don't need to complete all the lines. Many of them will be related to functions/features of the system that you will not use or simply don't need to add or change the content.

You just need to complete the ones which will be actually in use.

Of course, which ones will be used is strongly individual to the property, however, based on our experience we can advise that the following sections should be completed for every language you use:

  • Booking Confirmation - Hotel policy - enter your general T&C's and Hotel policy applicable to all guests regardless of the booked rate. These are your check-in/check-out times, smoking policy, pet policy and many more. This will be visible on the final step of the booking process on the BookDirect (WRS) and in the built-in confirmation email.
  • Guarantee Option Description/Translation - enter a 'Display name' (see more info below) of the Guarantee policy and its description - what do the guest need to do to guarantee their booking. Furthermore, in this section you need to describe the applicable Cancellation policy as well.
  • Room Type Description/Translation - enter a 'Display name' for each Room Type and their description - size, amenities, etc.
  • Rate Description/Translation - enter a 'Display name' for the rates published on your BookDirect and a description - it is the price including tax; is there a City tax applicable and what amount; if its a packaged rate - what is included; etc.
  • Charge Template Description/Translation - this is optional and should be completed if you offer extra services (supplements) on your BookDirect (WRS) or MyBooking Portal (SSP). Enter a 'Display name' for the services you offer and a description.

Important: Make sure you add the Display names and descriptions for each language you will use in order to provide a full personalized experience to the guest in their preferred language.

Note: Many of the other sections relate to built-in templates or the certain features/functions in the system to which you can add or modify content. You can explore them and add content. If you are unsure what a certain section relates to or you do not find the content you've added, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team.

Display names

In many of the sections and certainly in the majority of the ones listed above, apart from the description field, you are able to add a 'Display name' to the element. This function allows you to create your elements (Room types, rates, etc.) with short names or codes internally in the system, but when it comes to the guest-facing side, have a clear, full and professional name.

Below you can see an example where our room type in the system is named 'DBL' but we've applied a 'Display name' - Luxurious Double Room, which is what guests will see.

Label localization

All labels are localized in the main system languages of Clock PMS+. These are the languages in which the whole user interface operates (you can check them out in menu Settings->All Settings->Users->edit a user-> Language field).

If one or more of the languages you have added is not among the system languages maintained by Clock PMS+, you have the option to translate on your own all the screen labels which are viewed by your guests.

The labels we are referring to are the labels of the various fields and other texts on the BookDirect (WRS) and MyBooking Portal (SSP).

You can change labels and texts from the sections:

  • Advanced Labels/Translations - for texts on the WRS
  • Advanced Self Service Portal Labels/Translations - for texts on the MyBooking Portal

Tip: Although this feature is directed to languages for which there aren't translations by default, you can also change the default labelling for supported languages. For example, for English, you can change the label of the field used to enter # of adults from 'Adults' to 'Guests' or change any other wording to one you prefer. 

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