When you set the currencies and their exchange rates in Clock PMS+, you set the value of your national currency as '1', and the value of the rest of the currencies to your national one.

1. Go to 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Currenc' - click on the 'New' button

2. Start with your national currency. Save it and then repeat the steps for all the currencies you want to use for prices and payments, one by one. Fill in field 'Value' according to the respective exchange rate.

E.g. 1:

  Exchange ratesFor Value fill in
National currencyEUR 1
Foreign currencies
 USD= 0.72 Euro0.72GBP= 1.20 Euro1.20 CHF= 0.82 Euro0.82

E.g. 2:

  Exchange ratesFor Value fill in
National currencyUSD 1
Foreign currencies
 EUR= 1.39 USD1.39GBP= 1.67 USD1.67 CHF= 1.14 USD1.14

E.g. 3:

  Exchange ratesFor Value fill in
National currencyGBP
Foreign currencies
 EUR= 0.84 USD0.84USD= 0.60 GBP0.60 CHF= 0.69 GBP0.69

Note: The Value field on the Currency screen supports exchange rate values with up to 6 decimal places.