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This setting requires right 'Users - Create and Edit' granted and an active MFA!

The users in Clock PMS+ are used for:

  • Restricting access to different functions, data and accounts.
  • Tracking changes, actions and control events by each individual user.
  • Cashier and End of the day reports.

Subscription Holder

The subscription holder is the user (email) of the initial subscription in Clock.

The subscription holder has full administrative access to the system.

The subscription holder's email can be changed through the system. To do so:

  • Log in with the subscription holder email
  • Go to 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Users'
  • Edit the subscription holder
  • Click the 'Change account owner's email' button
  • Fill in the new subscription holder email


  • After confirming the change to the subscription holder, a random password will be generated. Please copy it, log out, log in with the new subscription holder and the copied random password. Now you can change the password by editing the new subscription holder.
  • After successfully changing the subscription holder please contact us at using the new holder's email address and notify us about the change. We will send the support portal activation message to the new subscription holder's email address.

Users: Search Options

Tip: If a specific user is not listed in the table on the Users screen - select 'All Users' from the filter field.

In Clock PMS+ and Clock POS, you can search for users by name or full name too:

  • Go to 'Other' – 'Settings' – 'Users'
  • In the search field, enter the user name or full name
  • From the filter field, use the filter to search in All Users, Active Users, Restaurant/POS accounts
  • Click the refresh button next to the field

Adding/Editing Users

To Add or Edit users go to: Main menu - 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'User'.

The subscription holder is marked with two key icons on the user list. Regular users who have been granted the 'User: Create and Edit' right are also administrators, being marked with one key icon.

Adding New Users:

In order to add a new user, click the Add button and fill in the respective fields:

  • Username: The username must be unique. It is recommended to use stronger (longer and unusual) usernames for better protection. It cannot be changed after the user creation.
  • Full name: Full personal name. Optional.
  • User group: If selected, it will grant the user all rights applied for the group (more details can be found here.
  • Email: Optional.
  • Language: The language of the user interface for this user.
  • First day of the week: Optional.
  • Network: Unrestricted: The user can access Clock PMS+/POS from any network (location).  Trusted only: The user can access  Clock PMS+/POS only through a network added to the 'Trusted networks' list.
  • Auto Logout Idle Minutes: The user will automatically be logged out if no action is taken for the selected time frame. The maximum value is 720.
  • Password and Password confirmation: It is recommended to use stronger (longer and unusual) passwords for better protection.

Editing users

In the Edit mode for a user, you can simultaneously grant (and see) the access rights to all accounts, regardless of the system used (Clock PMS+ or POS).

Rights marked with 'CE' are linked to control events.

  • Once set, the username cannot be changed.
  • To change a password, enter the new password in the Password and Password confirmation fields.

    • Users can also change their passwords on their own, without being granted the User: Create and Edit right.
  • Change Accounts and Rights if needed.
  • Save.

Note: You can select which To-Dos to be tracked by a user. To do so, simply select the related To-Do channels. Only To-Dos of the selected channels will appear on the user's home screen or To-Do search screen. Here is how you can use this option:

  • Select a user from the 'Users' screen
  • On the user's screen, click the 'To-Do Channels' button and tick the necessary To-Do channels

Deactivating Users

Once created, a user cannot be deleted, so that full change log can be kept. Instead, users can be deactivated by clicking the Edit button in their line and selecting 'Deactivate!'.

If you need to restrict the access to the system of a user, click the Edit button next to this user and uncheck the rights and accounts which are to be inaccessible to the user. Save.

You can also select the 'Deactivate!' option from the dropdown menu of the Edit button in the line of a user and deactivate the same.

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