Тhe PBX interface has the following technical requirements:

  • The PBX and/or its server should be in the same network as Clock PMS+ stations
  • Clock PMS+ can receive data from the PBX via one of the following types of communication:
    • TCP / IP - we need to know the IP address and the port (as well as user and password in case required).
    • RS232 - we need to know on which COM port we should listen and the full parameters of the COM port and PBX speed.
    • File - the PBX can generate a Call Date Record (CDR) as a file. It could be a text file or an XML one. Then we use it to import the records from it.
  • The data string need to be constant at all time - the data must be always provided on a specific position of the string. For example - the dialed number will always be on positions 10 to 25.

  • The Clock PMS+'s PBX interface requires a computer in the same network and Windows Operating System.
  • The SMDR format is not supported.
  • The PBX interface supports call accounting only.