Import of Company and Agent profiles from Channel managers

Modified on: Tue, 12 Mar, 2024 at 8:11 AM


For the import of bookings through the channel manager, you have two options in regards to import of Company/Agent information. Not all channels can provide information of the Company/Agent, but the bookings from GDS contain such details.


  • The OTA channel info (profile) is transferred to the Company field. You can map an existing company profile to the OTA and each booking from that channel will have its respective Company profile attached in the 'Company' field.

Agent and Company

  • Under this behaviour, the OTA channel details are transferred to the Agent field, and if the booking is for corporate guests and there is Company info available, it will be transferred to the Company field.

To make this behavior possible, we have added two fields to the Company screen - IATA and Channel manager search code. Use the first one to enter the IATA number of the Agent, and the role of the second one to ensure additional mapping option of the received data relating to the Company or the Agent, when there is no other reliable identifier.

Here are more details of the setting and the related behavior:

The system behavior depends on the 'Company map' setting:

  • Channel-to-Company (v1) – the ОТА channel refers to the Company in the booking;
  • Agent and Company mapping (v2)– a behavior able to complete the info of the Agent and the Company in the booking;
    • In the 'Company Map' linked to the Portals/ОТА channels mapping, for each of them choose the default Agent.

The processing of XML under Agent and Company mapping v2


  • If there is no info of the Agent in the XML – the info of the Default Agent as specified in the Company map is transferred to the booking.
  • If, with the XML, we receive information of the Agent and the same has an identifier (IATA or other code) – respective Agent can be found by one of these fields: Channel manager search code, IATA, VAT number
  • If we cannot find it, the system AUTOMATICALLY creates a profile of the Agent. A To-Do is generated.
  • In the cases when the XML contains info of the Agent, but the identifier (IATA or other code) is missing – the booking remains without an Agent and a To-Do is generated. The same applies also to the case when the system finds more than one Agent for the respective IATA/Code.


  • If the XML contains info of the Company and its identifier, the system will look for this Company in Clock PMS+ by the following fields: Channel manager search code, IATA, VAT number.
  • If found, the Company is transferred to the booking.
  • If not found or more than one Company found, the booking remains without a Company and a To-Do is created. The same applies to the case when there is data of the Company, but the identifier is missing (VAT number, code or similar).
  • Please note that in contrast to Agents, Companies are NOT automatically created.

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