Recording and managing table bookings

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Table bookings are obviously a common and important part of an F&B outlet's operations. Clock POS provides you with a tool with which you can easily record and manage table bookings.


The tool will give you the following options:

  • you will be able to have different 'meal' periods for which you take bookings - e.g. Dinner, Lunch, etc.
  • you will be able to record a table booking with the number of people, and contact person information.

  • you will have a calendar through which you can easily see all bookings allocated to their tables.


In order to record table bookings you need to configure: Meals, Table Types, and Tables. You can find how to configure them HERE.

The table bookings tool shares the settings with the Web Table Booking Engine, but rest assured, even if you don't opt-in to use the Web Table Booking Engine (and do not have the add-on), you will still be able to make the above configurations and use them for internally recording your table bookings.


To access the features associated with table bookings, click on the Book icon next to 'Management.


By selecting the 'Bookings' option you will see all table bookings for the current calendar date divided by meal periods (if any) in a list view. From the date field on the top left you can change to a different date. You can create a new booking or edit an existing one as well.


By selecting the 'Calendar' option you will see your created tables and table types and all the bookings (with the name of the contact person and the number of guests) in a calendar view.

You can change the meal period or the date that the calendar shows.

Creating table bookings

You can create table bookings from both the 'Bookings' and 'Calendar' sections. In 'Bookings' simply click new, while in 'Calendar' click on the calendar for the table and time you want to book. The form will open:

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