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To-Dos are an integral part of your hotel operations as they provide information about what is going on throughout the system and also can be set as tasks that need to be completed by an employee or group of employees. Think of To-Dos as the internal messaging and task system in Clock PMS+.

Creating and assigning To-Dos

To get full details about creating To-Dos please read Creating and assigning To-Dos.

To-Do channels and Users

To get full details about To-Do channels, what their purpose is, and how to assign them to Users, please read To-Do Channels and linking them to Users.

Viewing To-Dos

You can keep track of all To-Dos through several different screens.

To-Do list/archive

The To-Do list or archive gives you the option to view all To-Dos past, present, or future, active or completed. Furthermore, you can use all the filters available to narrow down a search if you need to find particular To-Dos. To access the To-Do list, navigate to menu Other functionalities-> To-Do.

Once you've loaded the To-Dos you're looking for, you can also manage those To-Dos from here - assign them to users, changed details and more.

Using the "Complete this page" option, accessible via the button in the upper right corner, you can complete all tasks visible on the current page at once.

Dashboard widgets 

The Dashboard (home screen) of the Clock PMS+ offers a couple of widgets related to To-Dos. We highly recommend enabling them for all user dashboards to ensure that they are visible to all employees.

  • To-Dos (1) - this widget shows only the quantity of To-Dos and does not show any text. To see the actual To-Do's, the user must click on one of the options.
  • To-Do list (2) - this widget shows up To-Dos with their text. If they are linked To-Dos you must click on the To-Do so that you can find the link to the related object. Furthermore, you can complete or edit the To-Do directly through the widget. 

  • Large To-Dos widget (3) - you can enable the Large widget which shows more tasks on the page along with the links to the objects. Contrary to the other To-Do widgets, the large one has a fixed position - always at the top left corner. If you enable the large widget, the To-Do list (2) will be automatically hidden.

Linked objects (bookings, profiles, etc.)

The objects in Clock PMS+ that can have To-Dos related to them are bookings, folios, booking enquiries, company profiles, events, catering activity within an event, and meeting room booking within an event. Each of those objects has a 'To-Do section' where all active To-Do related to the object will be visible (regardless current, past or future). Completed (inactive) To-Dos will be visible after pressing the reveal link.


  • To-Dos can be linked (related) to an object in the system - booking, company profile, event, and more - or can be standalone - not related to any object, usually used for a general task or reminder.
  • To-Dos will disappear from To-Do lists only after they have been marked as completed.
  • Every To-Do is required to have a 'Channel' (topic) selected.
  • You can set users to see specific To-Do channels based on their function/responsibilities.
  • To-Dos are visible on the Dashboard from the day they are set for.
  • Linked To-Dos (related to an object) are visible from the moment of creation in the respective object they are linked to.
  • A To-Do can also be assigned to a specific user. Only that user will see the To-Do on their Dashboard.

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