This setting requires users to have right 'Settings' granted!

From the navigation bar, go to 'Other...' - 'Settings' - 'Account info'.

Fill in some basic information about your property ( Name, Capacity, Category, Web Site )

  • Time Zone. Select the time zone of you property. All date/time fields will be localized according this zone.
  • Hotel E-Mail. This e-mail will be used as reply-to address in all e-mails sent to your clients. Additionally, it will be used for all system e-mail massages (New booking from WBE, Booking cancellations made by clients, etc.)
  • Housekeeping email. This email is used for receiving housekeeping requests made by guests. If empty, hotel email will be used instead
  • Guest email BCC. A copy of each message sent by Clock PMS+ will be received at this email address. This way you keep a separate archive of all sent messages.

Billing Info

Fill in the billing details of your company. This information will be used in your invoice and bill print-outs as 'Supplier' info. Empty fields will not be printed.

  • Second ID. Use this field if local authorities require additional company identification to be printed in your invoices/bills.
  • Additional Billing Info. Fill in any additional information that is required for 'Supplier'.