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The Guest profiles feature in Clock PMS+ helps you easily see your regular guests and capture all their history. Save time and avoid duplication of guest entries by directly importing guest contact details from the existing guest profile. With the introduction of GDPR we have added our approach to the Guest Profiles and respectively the Guest Profile fields. You can customize the information that is collected from your guests and shown on various screens, registries and registration cards.

Important: Although we are referring to these as 'Guest' profiles, in reality they should be considered as 'Person' profiles as they might not necessarily be guests. Guest/Person profiles have several use cases in Clock PMS+:

Loading a profile to save time

Once a profile is created it is saved in the database it will be available to use at any point in the future. Instead of having to type in data with every booking, you can simply load the existing profile and save a significant amount of time.

Important: Guest profiles are shared between all accounts in a subscription. This means that if a certain guest has stayed in another property of our organization, you will have their profile available for all hotels.

Keep track of the history of a guest

Through the profiles you can easily keep track of the history of this Guest. You will be able to see all bookings (historic, current or future) in which this profile is present. This includes bookings from other properties in your organization.

Select them as a Contact person

Profiles can also be selected as a Contact Person in various places - Bookings, Events, Companies. This way, you will have clear information who the contact person is and moreover, any automatic emails through the Guest Mailer will be sent to the contact person.

Keep track of notes or specific guest 'status'

Two fields in the Guest profiles are designed for strict internal use - 'Level' and 'Notes'.

  • Level - can be considered as a label that you attach to a profile e.g. VIP; Gold Member; Do Not Book, etc.
  • Notes - general notes about the profile - room preferences, favorite activities and much more.

Important: Both the Level and Notes will show up in any booking in which you load the profile.

Local legislation

Through the Guest profiles and Guest profile fields you can also ensure that you will be able to collect the information that local legislation requires from you.

You can find full information about creating and managing Guest Profiles and Guest profile fields HERE.

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