You can also utilize Adyen POS terminals and have them connected to Clock PMS+ and Clock POS allowing you to transaction requests to the terminals directly through the system.


Important: Contact Adyen support to enable terminal Websockets on a 'Merchant account' level and Terminal API enabled on the terminal device itself.

Important: For every Clock PMS+ / POS account in which you will use an Adyen terminal, you must have a separate Adyen merchant account.

1. Log in to your Clock PMS+ account. Select Settings -> All Settings -> Adyen v2.

2. Find the URL next to the 'Notification endpoint URL' label. Copy the URL.  

3. Log in to your Adyen account. Make sure you are on a 'Merchant account' level.

4. Select 'Developers' from the left navigation sidebar. Click 'Webhooks' and on the next page, click '+Webhook' and add 'Terminal API details' 

5. Paste the 'Notification endpoint URL' from step 2 into the ‘URL' field.

6. Change ‘SSL Version' to 'TLS v1.2'.

7. Tick the ‘Active' checkbox.

8. ‘Service Version': 1.

9. Change ‘Method' to 'JSON'.

10. In section 'Authentication' enter the Username and Password which you can obtain from Clock PMS+ Settings - All Settings - Adyen v2.

11. Save Configuration.

12. Go back to Adyen main screen. Make sure you have selected your POS Adyen merchant account.

13. From the navigation bar on the left select Account -> Account Settings. In the fields 'Capture delay' and 'POS Capture Delay' select 'Manual'

Important: Set the capture delay right before your testing/activation. 

Important: When using Adyen terminals as well, you will have at least 2 merchant accounts - Ecommerce and POS

Please check and verify with your Adyen account manager or their support team that the following settings are enabled:

  • Store tokens on company account
  • allowModificationsOnSameCompanyAccount
  • rechargeDetailsOnCompanyAccount

Important: Please reach out to Adyen support and request the property: merchant.min.amount to be set to 0. This will allow you to tokenize credit cards directly through the terminal. 

Adding device details in Clock PMS+

1. Go to menu Clock PMS+ menu Settings -> All settings -> Adyen v2

2. Click on 'Terminals' on top right and click on 'Add'

3. Enter a name for the terminal. This is what you and your users will see in Clock PMS+ as the name of the terminal (e.g. Reception Terminal; Wireless terminal; Kiosk terminal, etc.)

4. Enter the terminal model and serial number, both of which you can obtain from Adyen menu Point of Sale -> Terminals or on the sticker on the back of the terminal.

Important: Enter the serial number without spaces or symbols.

Supported Terminal models

Clock PMS+ connects to the Adyen physical terminal through the 'Adyen Terminal API Cloud communication'.

Please consult with the Adyen team which are the current terminal models that support it along with support for Websockets before making your order/purchase. 

As the terminals connect to your local (internet) network, please ensure that the network requirements listed in THIS article are in place. Please consult with your IT/Network specialist if needed.

Configuring in Clock POS

Settings are done from menu Management->Adyen v2 and the process is identical as the one in Clock PMS+. 

The only difference comes when adding the terminal (device) information.