Card payment operations in Clock POS (with payment processor)

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This article will guide you how to handle credit card payments in Clock POS.

Important: Please note that the below is applicable when using one of the following payment providers:

  • Adyen v2
  • Elavon
  • Worldline/Six Payments

Clock POS can work with payment terminals (devices) only.

Collecting a payment

Please go to the bill closure page and click on the terminal button on the right hand side. This is where you can choose the terminal on which the credit card will be processed:

Important: Once the transaction is initiated from Clock POS, the respective amount will be requested on the terminal and the customer can swipe their card/use contactless to make payment.

If the amount of the transaction is equal to the value of the bill, once the payment is successful and posted, the bill will be automatically closed.

Note: Each payment is added with type CARD and the credit card type as a payment sub-type.

The very first transaction will store the terminal as the default one for the browser.

The button will show the name of the last used terminal (1):

Selecting the 'Terminal' button (1) will start the payment operation on the default terminal. If you want to change the terminal on which the credit card is to be charged, please click on the button with the drop arrow (2) and you will be able to choose another terminal.

Note: If any TIPs are added on the terminal they will be added charged on the card and added as a separate, negative payment of type 'TIP' in the bill. The credit card type will be added as a payment sub-type.

Refunding a payment

If the bill is closed

1. Navigate to the Management menu and open the 'Closed bills - search' report.

2. Find the bill and click on the Open button.

3. In the 'Payments' section click on the 'Void' button and select 'Refund'.

4. Confirm the amount that you want to refund (1), add description if needed (e.g. reason for refund) (2) and click the green 'Refund' button (3).

5. If the refund is successful, it will be posted automatically to the bill as a negative payment for the same Payment type/sub-type

Important: The 'Manual void' button will not issue a refund, it will simply remove the payment from the bill.

If the bill is open

1. Open the bill from the home page 

2. Go to the Order/Settle page (located on the top right corner)

3. From here the procedure is identical as above.

Different payment types in the same bill

You are able to 'pay' a bill through different payment types - e.g. half by cash and the other half by card.

In order to process it correctly, we recommend that you post the cash payment first. In order to do so:

1. Open the bill that will be paid.

2. Click the 'Pay partially / other' button.

3. Enter the amount that will be paid cash and select the payment type.

4. Post the payment. This will now adjust the balance of the bill.

5. Click the terminal button to send the remainder to the terminal for charging.

6. Once the terminal transaction is processed and successful, the second payment will be posted and bill closed.

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