Menu Groups in POS

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The Menu Group feature allows easier management of menu items in Clock POS. For instance, Coffee, Hot chocolate and Tea can form the Hot Drinks Menu group.

How to create

With the creation of each Menu Item, you can specify its Menu Group. If non-existent, the Menu group will automatically be created. See more about Menu Items here.

You can view the existing Menu Groups from Management -> Menu Groups.

Menu items in Clock POS

How to edit

Click the "Open" button next to a Menu Group to open its edit screen and select its Icon, Icon size, Sort order and Color.

Menu items in Clock POS

Icon: Click an Icon to set it for this menu group.

Icon Size: Select the size of the Icon from the dropdown menu.

Sort Order: a number (1, 2, 3, etc.) defining the position in which your Menu Group will appear. In the example images below, the Sort Order for the Salads Menu Group is set to "3". This means that the Menu Group will appear third. If the Sort Order of multiple Menu Groups is the same number, they will be ordered alphabetically.

Color: Click the Color button and choose the color of the Menu Group from the palette.

Block: This checkbox will make this Menu Group cover an entire "Block" of the screen as in the Image below.

Menu items in Clock POS

"Two lines": This checkbox will make your Menu group to be positioned in two rows as in the image below.

Menu items in Clock POS

Hide text: Tick this checkbox to stop the visualisation of the name of your menu group.

Included in eMenu: The checkbox states if this Menu Group and the Menu Items in it will be included in your eMenu.

Update: Use this button to apply the changes made to the Menu Group.

Reset: It will reset the settings of the Menu Group to default.

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