Clock PMS Update (16 Dec 2014)

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  • Now it is possible to enter profiles before the creation of bookings. Thus you can make a regular client profile database in advance.
  • You can create a profile note to be visible in the bookings referring to this profile.
  • You can search bookings for profiles not only by e-mail, but also by name and telephone.


  • Manual price – different prices for different days.
    • Now you can enter different prices for each day of a guest's stay.
    • If the price is one and the same for the whole stay – the feature works as before, the room price posted for each day of a stay is the same.
    • If several manual prices are entered, the room charges are posted in the order of the manual prices. If the number of manual prices is less than the one of the days of a stay, the room rate selected for a booking is used for the days with no manual price set, and if there is no rate chosen, you cannot proceed with the creation of a booking.
  • In order to enter a manual price:
    • Open the booking
    • Click the 'Manual price' button
    • Fill in the value of the price. To have multiple manual prices, enter each of them in a separate line (clicking 'Enter' after each manual price value).
    • Select a currency

      Note: If there is a room rate selected – its package elements, value and tax code, as well as its city tax mode, will be used.
  • A new more visible red alert message has been added to the Expired bookings on the 'Departures' and 'In Hotel' lists. This alert contains a reference to the list of these bookings
  • In a separate section, the expected bookings have been added to the 'In Hotel' list. This way the list comprises all guests to be handled at the reception desk.
  • Advanced search – the following columns have been added: Nationality, Marketing Segment, Marketing Source. Thus the information is more useful for analyses in Excel or another spreadsheet application.
  • The WBE and the Booking Confirmation now show information (and label) of children, only if there are such in the booking. As a result, the Booking Confirmation is clearer in terms of hotels, not accommodating children.
  • The advanced search for a booking can be used for periods, which are not fixed, i.e. only having the 'From' or 'To' field filled in.
  • Booking number – its format can now be customised through the new numbering feature. This way a booking number can have the following format: B00034/14. This feature also enables bookings to have numbers with different prefixes or suffixes for each year, so that they do not become too long.

Folios, Charges, Payments

  • Numbers of documents. The numbering functionality has been improved:
    • In addition to the option for the numbers of documents to be preceded by zeros, a possibility for number prefixes or suffixes has been added. As a result, numbers of the following types can be generated: 14-0000001-INV or C0034500234/BH, etc.
    • Now credit invoices can have their own numbering with an individual format. Still credit invoices can have the same numbering mode as the one of the invoices as before.
  • On the folios/invoices, the address of guests is included by default.
  • The BILLING TO section info can be entered in advance (prior to the creation of an invoice).  
    • This also enables the issue of invoices to companies, which are not necessarily registered in Clock PMS.
    • This information can now be entered in the folios/invoices of non-residents. 
  • Quantities in Charges
    • In a charge or charge template you can now set a quantity to be charged, when it is important for the charges posted. Such charges are: the ones for minibar articles or newspapers.
    • Through the Charge Summary Report, you can receive information on the quantities sold. And this information can be used for the purposes of planning future periods.
    • A quantity can also be predefined in charge templates.
    • The charge screen also has a quick field to enter a quantity.   
  • Surcharge
    • Now you can set a surcharge fee for folios in Clock PMS. The surcharge is defined as a percent and is automatically calculated on the basis of the folio value. With the change of the folio value – the surcharge is also recalculated automatically.
    • The basis for the calculation of a surcharge is the value of the charges posted. Depending on the tax mode selected and the respective surcharge basis (the value of the charges), it may or may not include tax.
    • Set-up: open 'others' - 'settings' - 'tax settings'. In the 'Surcharge' section, fill in: Surcharge text (as you want it to appear on the folio), Surcharge percent and the Surcharge tax percent (tax percent to be levied on the surcharge).
    • In order to change a surcharge percent for a given folio or to remove it altogether : Open the folio; Click the 'Currency/Name' button and fill in the new value of the surcharge.
    • In the charge reports, the surcharge turnovers are listed in the surcharge revenue group.   
  • Payment Report – a new parameter has been added to the report layout: 'Details + Summary', 'Details', 'Summary'. As a result, the report may be far more compact, when details are not necessary.

Channel Manager

  • 'Marketing Channel' and 'Marketing Source' have been added to the company mapping. This way it is possible to automatically filter bookings by the exact channel and source in order to have more detailed reports.
  • Packages, taxes, tax codes and city tax. The logic of charging has been changed and now the bookings being imported get a rate and manual price (which can be different for each day of a stay). This way:
    • The breakdown of package elements is made on the basis of the package elements set in the rate itself. We would like to remind you that individual tax and respective tax code may be set for each of the package elements.
    • The city tax mode ('No City Tax', 'Extra, separate charge, 'Included') is now determined on the basis of the rate settings.
    • With the change of the period of a booking, the room charges are now maintained automatically: if a period is shortened, the unnecessary room charges are voided, and if a period is extended, the respective additional room charges are posted on the basis of the applicable prices of the rate.   
  • Bookings can now be marked as 'Guaranteed'.

Other improvements

  • On the Room Calendar, Forecast Occupancy and Rate and Availability screens, the date shows the day of the week too.
  • Folio Mass Printing – it no longer includes deposit folios, as they are not necessary for the departures.
  • The size of the folio logo has been changed, so that the rest of the contents of a folio is more clearly visible.
  • Cashier Closure has been optimised.
  • Commissions – on the list of commissions, a note has been added to each commission showing the booking it refers to.
  • WBE – rooms/room types are sorted out by price similarly to the rates themselves.


  • The export to ParityRate, when there is no mapping, has been fixed.
  • WBE Calendar – the language no more changes when entering the calendar.
  • Gift Voucher Shop – when deleting a charge template still in use, errors occurred.
  • Gift Voucher Shop – to-dos for new vouchers now appear on the desktop.
  • Marketing segments – on the lists, there were problems with the segments with titles containing more than one word and an interval.
  • WBE – no reference number is generated for single bookings. It is only done for multiple bookings

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