Clock PMS Update (27 Sep 2016)

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We have improved To-Dos and now you can use them more efficiently for any organizational or communicational purposes related to your property.

To-Dos in Clock PMS are designed to have everything you need to use them as a system for Work Orders or Issue Tracking . They can help you with the tasks related to guest servicing, marketing and distribution, maintenance, supply management, etc. Try our new organization of the To-Dos and send us your recommendations and improvement ideas.


This newly introduced feature of To-Dos lets you organise the different tasks by their specifics or the departments responsible for their implementation. And with the option for each user to only follow the channels that interests them, you can increase the number of task types you manage through the To-Dos in Clock PMS.

ToDo list with work order and issues in Clock PMS. Channels can be customized.

The automatic sytem-created To-Dos are distributed by their type into several system channels:

  • Bookings – for all booking-related To-Dos, e.g. a new booking from the WRS or the channel manager; a period change request from the Self Service Portal; a booking cancellation via the Self Service Portal, etc.
  • Channel Manager – To-Dos related to the channel manager functioning: data mapping errors or other similar ones.
  • Gift vouchers – gift vouchers from the Gift Voucher Shop.
  • Payments – all automatically created To-Dos in relation to guest payments in the WRS, on the Self Service Portal (advance or check-out ones) and via Kiosk (at check-in).
  • Housekeeping – To-Dos related to housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Events – event-related To-Dos – meeting room bookings, as well as To-Dos referring to the specific event catering.
  • Feedback – notifications linked to guest feedback (reviews) from the Self Service Portal.

You can add your own channels to the system ones to organise the To-Dos from the other departments of your organisation. These channels can be for general or specific purposes depending on your needs, e.g:

  • Accounting. Here you can manage tasks referring to invoicing and accounts receivable.
  • General. Use this channel to manage any general tasks.
  • Supply Management- To-Dos related to deliveries and orders.
  • Transfers – tasks referring to airport transfers and other transport services, etc.

Note: If you delete a To-Do channel already containing To-Dos, they will not be deleted, however, it is possible for you to be unable to see them on the screen. In case of a channel erased by mistake, you can create it again by entering the exact name of the erased channel.

User Interface

We have made changes to the User Interface making the management of tasks easier.

  • Short list of To-Dos on the Home screen. It shows the first 5 To-Dos only from the two important groups: 'Assigned to me' and 'Unassigned'. It is also possible to see all your To-Dos (just click the 'Show more' button at the end of the list).

    ToDos on home screen in Clock PMS.

     Clicking the name of a group, you will open:

  • To-Do search.To the left of the the To-Do list, there are filters for quick and improved review of the information that interests you:
    • Channel. Select a single channel or all of them. Only the channels you have chosen to track appear (see the end of the paragraph for more info on this setting).
    • Date. You can filter which tasks to appear: Current (tasks from today or yesterday); Today (only today's tasks); Tomorrow (the tasks for tomorrow); Expired (expired tasks); Without date (tasks with no assigned date).
    • Assignment: All; Assigned to me; Assigned to other; Unassigned.
    • Status: All; Completed; Not completed.
    • You can save the selected filters to be the default ones, this way you won't need to choose them each time you open the screen. Click 'Save as Default' in the lower part of the screen.
    • To select the channels you are interested in or add new ones (the Settings right required), click the 'To-Do Channels' link in the lower left part of the screen.
  • Completing a To-Do. Each task can quickly be checked as completed from the To-Do list itself. The completed tasks are stored (in contrast to the deleted ones) and can be reviewed later. To check a To-Do as completed click the 'V' icon next to it. If you check a task as completed by mistake, you can restore its status from the Edit screen of the To-Do.
  • Quick assignment of To-Dos. We have added a quick assignment button to the To-Do list (the user icon). Your name is the first one on the list to quickly assign a To-Do to yourself. What follows are the names of all the users having access to the current account and being interested in the channel containing the To-Do. The last item on this list is 'Remove Assignment' to quickly remove the assigned user.
  • Urgent. If you check a To-Do as 'Urgent' (on the Edit screen of the To-Do), it will appear first on the To-Do list.
  • To-Do Edit - click the To-Do or the pencil icon. Edit the fields and save.
  • New To-Do. Click the 'Add' button in the upper part of the To-Do search screen to add a new To-Do to a channel.

Other Improvements

  • Kiosk – email required/checking. We have added a new option to the Kiosk – 'Require Booking Email'. When this option is used, at check-in, a guest is prompted to enter their email, where all his bills will be sent. If the booking already contains an email, the guest will be prompted to check and update it, if necessary. This way if your guest is from an OTA channel and has a booking with an automatically generated email, you will have the chance to get their actual personal email.
  • Fast search for folios and invoices. Based on your feedback, we have established that it is very often difficult to find open or closed folios by their number only. This is the case when you communicate to your guests over the phone and they don't know the booking number. This is why we have created a new 'Folio Fast Search' screen. You can find it on the 'Other' menu from the Navigation bar. Search for all folios (open, closed or voided) by the number of a folio, invoice, name or VAT ID of the invoice recipient.
  • New right - 'Rates: Create or Edit'. The edit of of rates, restrictions and prices now depends on the new right - 'Rates: Create or Edit' instead of the general access right to 'Settings'. The new right is granted to all users having the 'Settings' right. Edit users' rights, if necessary.
  • Translations of payment service names. With the new translation option ('Settings' - 'Languages and Texts' - 'Payment services/Translations'), you can change the name of any of the payment services appearing by default in the WRS or the Self Service Portal or translate it into other languages of your choosing.
  • Rate search. We have changed the screen to let you search the way you do it in a file explorer. When a rate plan is selected, you will see its rates to the right of it. Select the rates and you can edit them. We have also added a restriction to the number of rates you can simultaneously open in the Price Editor. Now you can open up to 50 rates at once.
  • WRS - guest titles. If you have set up titles, now their completing will be required in the WRS. This fields can no longer be left empty.
  • List of folios of a booking. We have added the name of a folio itself to the table.
  • Now you can generate the list of all empty, but voided folios through the Closed Folios Report. Just click the 'Include open/voided folios' option of the report.
  • Bednights Report – the room type segmentation now accounts for the booking moving to another room, i.e. now it no longer works by the Arrival Room Type, but by the actual room type for a booking.
  • Channel Manager. We have improved the mapping screen by adding the rate search option.
  • Yield Planet. Due to the large volume of data and the difficulties reading it, we have decreased the size of the log we store for the communication with Yield Planet. The log now contains data for the last 5 days.


  • PMS API - rate_prices endpoint now has a 2-year restriction for the update of prices and restrictions.
  • The call rate limit now operates by the API user, set in the URL of each API call. Note: To take advantage of this feature, you need to use the new API call URLs, containing API users. You can find the new URLs on the edit screen of an API user.
  • The API call statistics is now generated by users. A link to the statistics by months can be found on the list of API users. Note: This feature DOES NOT depend on whether you use the new URLs or not.


  • The event search didn't work in some cases.
  • The Room Calendar allowed room sharing (two bookings in one room) when dragging and dropping a booking to the left or right.
  • The payment transfer screen showed folios twice.
  • The charge transfer screen also showed the deposit folios along with the standard ones.
  • Guest Ledger – the report showed balanced folios as unbalanced ones.

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