Clock PMS+ Update (02 Oct 2019)

Modified on: Wed, 14 Sep, 2022 at 9:28 PM



  • Occupancy Forecast - Include Optional blocks. On the Occupancy Forecast screen, we have added an option to include or exclude Optional blocks (Optional and Allotment). Click the "Include Optional" button to include them in the calculation of the Occupancy Forecast, affecting the number of occupied and free rooms.
    By choosing Segments - Booking Status, you can also see details of the occupancy by statuses. In the Blocks group, apart from the already present Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed,now you can find the following new statuses (if you have such ones):
    • Optional
    • Allotment
    • Optional in Guaranteed
    • Optional in Non-Guaranteed
  • The last two statuses show that the event is guaranteed or not and that a specific block contained in it is marked as optional.
  • Rate – Marketing Segments. To the rate, we have added the three marketing segments: Marketing source, Marketing channel, Marketing segment. The aim, however, is to automate the completion of the marketing fields in the booking. The marketing segments in the rate, similarly to the ones on a Company or Event screen, are transferred to the Booking screen with the following priority order: If a given segment is filled in on the screen of the chosen Company or Event of the booking, this segment will directly be taken from there. If not, its value is taken from the Rate. In other words, the selected information on the Company/Event screen has priority over the on the Rate screen. The automatic transfer feature works on the new booking screen. The same applies to the creation of a new booking from the Rate and Availability screen or the Event.
  • Events – Credit cards. Now you can add credit cards (Credit Vault or Adyen Tokenizations) to the Event. Use them to pay Event bills. In this regard, we would like to remind you that, under the PCI DSS requirements, credit card details can solely be entered into fields specially designated for this purpose. Any credit card details entered in other that the specially designated ones will automatically be deleted upon their detection.
  • Room Type Sorting. We have added a room type sorting feature. To use it, go to: 'Settings' - 'Room Type' - 'Sorting'. You can rearrange the types through the drag-and-drop functionality. The arrangement applies to all operational screens of the system.
  • Confirmation letter - Extra Services text translation. The selected extra services (charge templates) in the WRS, as well as the selected templates in the 'Daily Charges' of the Booking, now appear with their translations in the confirmation letter. As before, the translations of the charge templates are set from ''Settings'' - ''Languages and Texts'' - ''Charge Template Description/Translation''. In this regard, we would like to advise you that only charge templates can have translations in contrast to charges. Charges only have a description text which cannot be translated.
  • Custom background. Now you can upload your own background image for the home screen of the application (it is selected for the account): ''Settings'' - ''Logos / Image Library'' - ''Custom Background Image'' – select an image and click ''Save / Upload''. Unfortunately, this background cannot be applied to the login screen, as it is outside the system and your account, hence no connection can be made to the background image of the account.
  • Events – we have changed the calculation of the value of Blocks (based on the selected rate), so that net values are also calculated. This way you can run a custom printout for an Event containing net prices (VAT not included) and amounts for the Event.
  • City Tax – now you can select a Revenue Category for City Tax charges: Setting - City Tax.
  • SiteMinder (ОТА) – using the contact person's details from the XML file, a contact person is created in the Booking.
  • In the Event, we have added a new user in charge field. For the time being, this new field is nowhere used in the system.
  • AvailPro – a new setting added to let you subtract the commission % when importing prices. This setting applies to each Channel individually and is set in the Company Map.
  • Service charging screen. The new screen for selecting Other Date – the second date is now automatically completed.
  • The LightSpeedrestaurant POS was enhanced and the following features were added:
    • Floor support. You can now create s revenue group / category mapping for the LightSpeed item groups separately for each floor;
    • Payment sub-type mapping. You can map the payment sub-types form the Clock POS where the end of day revenue is transferred. Please note that the payment sub-types of the Clock POS account are different then the ones in Clock PMS and you should configure them if you haven't already;
    • Charge and Payment custom fields are added in the revenue map and payment map sections. Now you can define the values which will be added with each charge and payment transferred by the interface to Clock which is very important if the data is exported to your financial platform;
    • The transferred charges from Lightspeed can be filtered in the charge reports which support Source. When you select Transfered you will be able to see the charges transfered from LightSpeed and if you select Not Transfered they will be excluded;
    • The charges are displayed in a new more convenient way in the customer folio/bill. The charges appear with their original names grouped under the Lightspeed bill number as the example bellow:
      Lightspeed bill # 123
      Coffee 1 x 3 Euro
      Tea 2 x 2.5 Euro
      Water 1 x 1.5 Euro


  • Adyen – for a small number of customers, the tokenization feature didn't work properly leading to the occurrence of empty credit cards;
  • We have added the missing translations for Extra Services screen in the WRS;
  • Block Pickup Report – the block status was incomplete/unclear;
  • An issue fixed with the payment via the Self Service Portal and 3D Secure;
  • Block Pickup Report – when Summary view used, the amounts weren't correct (Total column);
  • Occupancy forecast - we have fixed an issue with the new Segmentation feature causing wrong Booking segmentation;
  • RoomCloud - the reference_number filter in the inbox allowed the wrong/ignored imports;
  • Bookings – we have improved the behaviour if there is a conflict (the simultaneous saving of one and the same booking from different work stations);
  • Hotel Registry – fixed issue with the sorting by Last Name
  • Event Dates Report – an issued fixed pertaining to the time zone of the account and the report's dates.
  • A fixed issue with the copying of a rate plan and the edit of restrictions afterwards.

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