Clock PMS+ allows you to easily issue payment documents fiscalized in accordance with the local tax requirements of Slovenia. How does the fiscalization process work in Clock PMS+ and Clock POS?

Fiscalization - each fully paid folio containing at least one of the fiscal payment types (cash, credit card, online payment, voucher or check) will be fiscalised with the closure of this folio. Upon the successful fiscalization, the printed folio will have a QR code, date and time of the fiscalization, as well as the EOR and ZOI code.

Note:  In case of an issue with the fiscalization process, the sale DOES NOT stop. The folio is closed without fiscalization, i.e. it is not fiscalized. Therefore you need to MANUALLY restart the fiscalization process within 72 hours. To do so, simply open the folio and use the 'Fiscalize' button, and then 'Print'.

An example of successfully fiscalized folio.

Opening / Closing business premise - there is an option to open or close your business premise and the necessary data to be sent to the tax authority, as this setting is individual for each PMS / POS account.

You can do this by going to 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Fiscalization' - 'Edit fiscal policy settings'

1. Opening a business premise

By default, your business premise is "Open", but if it is closed, you can open it again by clicking on the "Open" button. This action will send the respective information to the tax authority.

2. Closing business premise.

The "Close" command will send "Closing Tag - Z" to the tax authority. Please note that if the business premise is closed, no info will be sent of closed folios to the tax authority.

3. Delete

This action will delete your uploaded certificate and will clear your business premise information from our system. Please note that your current status with the tax authority will be kept and that action will NOT affect your business premise status.

Customise the number format

Your folio numbering should follow the tax requirements, please consult your tax advisor in this regard. You can customise your folio numbering by going to 'Other' - 'Settings' - 'Document Number Generator'

Article on the activation of the Slovenian Fiscalization Feature