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New features

Tour Operator Contracts 

The specialised module "Tour Operator Contracts" is aimed at solving specific cases of price calculation in contracts with tour operators. Each contract is entered to the profile of the Company it refers to.

The contract has two main settings - 'Conditions' and 'Rates'. The first part covers the setup of the price conditions as they appear in the contract. The second part involves configuring how these terms can be used in bookings as selectable rates. 

For more information, please read HERE.

Transfer charges to Company/Agent folios on checkout

New functionality designed to better organise the folios of Tour Operators, Agents and Companies. The previous functionality for transferring charges to Company/Agent folios had one drawback - charges from many bookings were collected in one huge folio. This created difficulties for both auditing the charges and subsequent invoicing.

With the new feature, you have more control over where to transfer the charges. In addition, the transfer is done automatically with the booking sending. The transfer on checkout works in combination with the recently added 'Split by Agent' or 'Split by Company' folio split functionality. 

For more information, please read HERE.

To make the booking process easier with the new functionality, we have added new features to the Bookings - Advanced Search screen:  

  • New Bulk Update feature allowing you to set a Transfer Folio on checkout for selected bookings. The option is available through the Folios->Checkout transfer folio button.
  • A new bulk update functionality through which for selected bookings you can initiate a transfer to the Company's checkout folio before the bookings are checked-out, button Folios->Transfer to checkout folio now.
  • A 'Without checkout transfer folio' new filter - allows you to find all bookings for which a checkout transfer folio is not set.
  • We have added a 'Reference Date' column. For the needs of Tour Operator contracts, we have added voucher date information to the advanced search. To bring up the column, select the 'Columns' button and highlight 'Reference Date'.


  • Adyen v2 - due to increased number of reports about slow Capture and payment processing, we have added a new setting. The delay is due to the fact that we are waiting for final confirmation from Adyen's system to confirm payment. To reduce the delay, we have added a new Quick capture auth age option to the interface settings. It allows for faster processing of Capture type transactions of pre-authorized amounts. All transactions falling within the set window of days will be marked as successful after the confirmation of an accepted request from the partner, even before we have received the final confirmation. If a transaction fails at any later stage, for example it is rejected by the bank, you will receive a To-Do notification.

Please note that the new setting refers to the behavior for both ecommerce and terminal transactions. For more information, please read HERE

In the addition, we have aligned the Release behaviour of pre-authorized amounts with that of Refunds. As a result, this operation will take significantly less time.

  • Trial Balance - For clearer visualization and tracking of deposits drawn down via the Deduct charges model, we have added two new Used advance payment items to Opening and Closing balance.
  • Deposit Adjustment - we have added a new option to the closed deposit folios that automatically issues an adjustment document with the corresponding charge. It is only applicable to unbalanced deposit folios, i.e. those to which payments (positive or negative) are added after the document issue. For example, you need to return part of the deposit to the payer, in which case you can add a negative payment for the amount to be returned. When the Issue-> Deposit Adjustment button is selected, the system generates an adjustment document containing a charge equal to the amount returned (the negative payment), thus rebalancing the deposit folio. This operation minimises the possibility of user error as the process is automatic.
  • Deposits - For clarity when using deposit payments, we have added information about the tax rate at which the deposit is billed. It will only be visible when using payments from closed deposit folios.


  • Rates - Guest levels -  the 'Rates: Create or Edit' user right is now taken into account.
  • Occupancy/Revenue Forecast and Pace Report - resolved inconsistencies in the ADR calculation.
  • Adyen v2 - Fixed a conflict where payments could not be registered in non-reservation folios (Non Resident, Company, Event, etc).
  • Ledgers (Company, Guest) - corrected the reporting of the Accounts Receivable metric in cases with cancellations on folios that were closed on prior dates.
  • Charge Custom Field Check Report - fixed a conflict where in some cases data could not be updated for certain charges.


  • Added Constraint to occupancy_forecast endpoint(PMS_API) - displays the number of virtual rooms that are unavailable due to their components being booked.

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