Clock PMS+ Updates (3 & 17 Dec 2019)

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Agent in bookings – more related features

We have added and changed some functionalities to let you use the Agent in bookings similarly to the Company. Here is an example:

Charge transfer. The features related to a charge transfer can now be used for both the Company and the Agent in the Booking.

  • On the New Booking screen, we have replaced the "Transfer rate charges to Company/Event" checkbox with three new options to allow you choose where the given charges to be transferred to: the Company or the Agent of the Booking.The options are, as follows:
    • Don't transfer
    • Transfer rate charges to Company/Event
    • Transfer rate charges to Agent
  • In the event of a manual transfer of charges from the Booking, the Suggestion section will also show the Agent apart from the Company. This way you can quickly select a destination for the charges.
  • In the event of a manual transfer of charges, from the Company's All Folios screen, the Booking lists in the Open Booking Folios section now also include the bookings for which the Company is considered either an Agent, or a Company.
  • In the SiteMinder and D-edge (Availpro) Channel Managers, you can select where the charges to be transferred to: the Booking Agent, Company or not to be transferred to at all.

Other changes to the Clock PMS+ screens:

  • On the Booking Edit screen, the Rates field now shows two more groups of Suggested Rates: ''Agent/Match Booking'' and ''Agent/Other'', similarly to the Company.
  • On the Booking Edit screen, under the Agent field, we have added a quick option for selecting the Contact Person. This way, if have specified Contact persons in the Agent info, you can easily transfer one to the Booking, similarly to the Company. You can also see the Agent remark, similarly to the Company remark.
  • On the Booking Edit screen, between the Company and Agent fields, we have added the ''Switch Company/Agent' link to quickly switch the values of these two fields, if incorrectly set.
  • On the Company screen, there are different Booking links in the Booking section depending the Company role: "As Company" and "As Agent". The first ones reflect the Bookings where the Company is selected as a company, and the second ones where the Company is selected as an Agent.

Other changes and fixed bugs:

  • API – a folio_ledger endpoint. It provides data used for building the Ledgers v.2. Mandatory parameter "to_date". Example: /base_api/:s_id/:a_id/folio_ledger.yaml?to_date="2019-10-01". The data is folio by folio. As the included sections are three: the opening balance for the selected date; the daily movement for each item; the closing balance for each item for the selected date. The items by which the data is compiled are: charges; charges_from_deposit_folios; payments; debts; debts_open_folios; debts_closed_folios; deposits; deposits_in_consumption; deposits_in_advance; deposits_in_advance_from_deposit_folios; deposits_in_advance_from_non_deposit_folios.
  • In the PMS, we have changed the closures page to make its loading faster. A new report will be added to make the closure search in the Archive more comfortable.
  • Swedish Central Bureau of Statistics Report – a new rate tag filter added.
  • Quickbooks – PaymentRefNum supported
  • We have fixed a bug preventing the guest's data snapshot at the booking checkout. As a result, the changes to guest profiles (e.g. Address) were also reflected in the checked-out bookings which was not correct. Upon the change made, the checked-out bookings will contain the information as it was at the moment of the guest's checkout regardless of the changes to the guest profile.
  • Daily Charges by Sources – the Room column was always empty.

17 Dec 2019

  • Blocks – for each block, you can now add information of adults and children. This way, the calculation of packages will be totally precise and will reflect the package elements which in turn depends on the number of guests. When creating bookings using such a block, the info of adults and children is transferred to the bookings.
  • On the All folios screen of the Company, we have added the Select all / None buttons for quick selection of the booking list.
  • Table bookings in POS – the email sent to the customer about the table booking is now also sent to the restaurant email address in the WRS (in BCC)
  • Guest Ledger v2 – the report has been optimised and now it works in the background to process greater amounts of data.
  • Bookings Awaiting Guarantee Report - the report has been optimised and now it works in the background to process greater amounts of data.


  • Self Service Portal - Request room type change – now the room type translation is shown, if any
  • POS – Upon transfer of charges to PMS, two receipts were printed instead of one
  • Quickbooks – a bug fix related to the PaymentRefNum field

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