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Thе Split charges option allows you to quickly split the charges between open folios in a booking, company or event folios.

Booking folios

To split charges in a booking:

  • Open the booking preview screen;
  • Create a new folio in advance using the 'Add folio' button or after you open the charge split screen;
  • In the 'Rate and Folios' section, click on the 'Split Charges' button:

You can use three different options in order to apply the split. Before applying the operation, please select the charges that are to be split:

  • If you want to split all charges from a specific folio, click on the 'Select All' button just above the charges in this folio;
  • If you want to split specific charges, please click on their respective lines;

In addition, here you can move the selected charges from one folio to another by clicking 'Move selected here' button in the destination folio.

Split equally 

This option splits the selected charges equally between the chosen folios.

  • Select the charges you need to split between the folios;
  • Click 'Split equally'
  • Select the folios where these charges will be split;
  • Click on the 'Split' button in order to confirm the operation;

Split of charges by a given percent

This functionality is for splitting certain charges in two or more folios by specifying a different percent for each of the parts. For example, the charges of one folio can be split among three folios in the following ratio for the price: 20%; 30%; 50%. 

How to use this option:

  • Select the charges to be split and click 'Split by percent';
  • Enter the percent for each of the folios where you need the charges to be transferred. The total percent sum has to be 100;
  • Click on the 'Split' button in order to confirm the operation;

Balanced split of charges. 

The split charges (by the selected %) will be posted as positive values to the destination folio and as negative ones to the source folio. In the split screen, fill in the percent only for the folio(s) where the positive values are to be transferred to (destination folio). The source folio is the folio where the charges are currently present. You can use this feature for preparing folios for a partial deposit payment. In this case, you can also add additional text for each charge.

For example: 'Deposit -' to be able to distinguish the original charges from the split ones:

  • Select the charges you need to split;
  • Click 'Balanced split';
  • Enter the percent you wish to transfer to the selected folio;
  • Select the detail level. Here you have three options: 
    • Details (Charge by Charge) - using this level will split the selected charges individually with full details;
    • Grouped (grouped by Text, Revenue group/category, Tax rate) - this will show the average quantity of charges, grouping them only, if their text, revenue group/category, tax rate are the same.
    • Summary (grouped by Revenue group/category, Tax rate) -  using this level group the selected charges by revenue group/category and tax rate, despite of the different text of the charges.

Note: The details level cannot be lower than Revenue Group / Categories and tax percent. This way the reports will not be affected and we ensure that the base of the source folio will be accurate.
  • Add a text, if you wish to distinguish the transferred charges from the original one;
  • Click on "Split";

Please bare in mind that the transfer percent (the percent accumulated from the two folios) must be less than 100 percent. 

The reason for this is that if you choose to transfer 100%, it means a full transfer of the selected charges. In that case, it would be better to directly transfer the charge template.

Company folios 

In order to use the option for Company folios, please follow the steps :

  • Select the company profile. Go to the  'Company' - 'Search -Company' menu from the navigation bar
  • Use the search tool to find the company profile and open it;

Note: If the company profile have event folios please refer the to 'Event folios' section below
  • Go to section 'Folios' - 'Open folios';
  • To add a new empty folio, which will be used for your split charges, you can directly use the button 'Add folio', or do it later on in the Split charges screen;
  • Click on the 'Split charges' button;
  • The 'Split charges' screen will show you all the open folios that you have in this company profile (non-event folios);
  • Split the charges based on the description above;

Event folios

For using the option for Event folios, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the 'Event' -> 'Search - Event' menu from the navigation bar
  • Use the search tool to find the event and open it
  • Click on the 'Split charges' button in the 'Folios' section
  • Split the charges based on the description above