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Modifiers allow you to attach additional items to a menu item which may or may not have a price as well. You can use this option to add or remove ingredients to the main item, for example. 

Let's examine the following case:  you offer the guests to build their own pizza. You can have the 'base' pizza as a menu item and have the different toppings as modifiers with their respective price. Here modifiers can be used for specifying extra fries, extra cheese or how the steak is to be prepared: medium-rare, well-done,  etc.

To create Modifiers, go to 'Management' - 'Modifiers'.

You can set the name, price, currency, inventory code and add a template group text. The price will be added on top of the base item price and can be left empty in case the modifier does not need to increase the price (e.g. no onion modifier).

Here is an example of how the modifiers look for a customer-built pizza. The base look of the menu:

If a Modifier group has the same name as the Menu item group, clicking the the menu group will automatically open the modifier group with same name, too. The other modifier groups can be accessed from the bottom of the page:

For a modifier to be ordered, first you need to select a menu item and then select the modifier. The item will be represented in the following way, the lines with a '>' sign contain modifiers to the menu item. The price of 12.50 is total for the item including the modifiers:

Representation on the kitchen monitor:

Representation on the bill:

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