Creating Modifiers

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How do modifiers work

By using the 'Modifiers' you are able to modify an existing menu item. This modification may entail a price change as well. Here are some of the most common use cases for modifiers:

  • Temperature - you can create different 'temperature' options, usually related to meat items - e.g. 'Rare', 'Medium', 'Well done'.
  • Remove ingredients - through modifiers you can inform the kitchen to not add a particular ingredient for this item - e.g. 'No onion', 'No garlic', etc.
  • Add ingredients - through modifiers you can inform the kitchen to add a particular ingredient for this menu item - e.g. 'Extra cheese', 'Extra sauce', etc.
  • Add components - for example, you offer guests the option to create their own Pizza. The 'base' menu item will be the Margherita, while every component that the guest will add will be a Modifier - Pickles, Pepperoni, Onion, etc. Respectively, each modifier will have a price that will increase the total price of the menu item.

How to create

To create Modifiers, go to Management -> Modifiers -> New.

  • Text (1) - enter a name for the modifier - e.g. 'No onion', 'Rare', etc.
  • Price (2) - if the modifier entails a price change, enter its price. If the modifier does not entail a price change, leave the field empty.
  • Currency (3) - select the currency in case the modifier has a price.
  • Template group text (4) - This is the equivalent of the 'Menu groups' for the menu items. Enter a group text so that various modifiers of the same type will be grouped under one 'folder'. For example, 'Rare', 'Medium', 'Well done' can be grouped under 'Temperature'. If the group is not available in the drop-down menu, simply type it and it will be created. It will be available to select from the drop-down for the next modifier you create. 

Note: If a Modifier group has the same name as the Menu item group, clicking the menu group will automatically open the modifier group with the same name, too. The other modifier groups can be accessed from the bottom of the page.

  • Inventory code (5) - enter an inventory code for this modifier. Usually, this code needs to be provided by your storage/stock-keeping system.

How to apply a modifier

You can read how to use the modifiers and how they will be represented on the various screens in our article 'How to apply modifiers'.

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