Charge filtering

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Before their application, the charge operations require you to find and select the specific charges from the folio that the function will be applied to. In certain cases, folios can contain a large number of charges that makes their finding harder. To simplify the handling of such folios, we have provided charge search options.

Charge filtering

To ease your work with folios, we have added a feature through which you can easily filter part of the charges in the folio. You can apply filtering at two levels - charge source and charge.

Filter by source

The filter by source will help you in the cases when the folio at hand contains a great number of sources (group folio). Use this filter to easily find the source and the related charges.

Situated in the upper part of the 'Charges' section, the filter allows you to search by any text contained in the group row with source data.

Example: If the source is a booking, you can search by: booking number, reference number, room number, arrival and departure date, guest name.

Filter by charge data

This filter can be used within a specific charge source to quickly find the charges referring to a given date or period, or when you wish to process a specific charge. To access the filters, use the icon at the end of the summary row.

You can combine two filters:

  • Text - filters all source charges whose charge text contains the filter text used;
  • Period - filters all source charges whose charge date falls in the set period.

Depending on the folio content, you can combine the filters at the two levels to quickly find the charge you wish to process.

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