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The features that we will review here will ease your work with folios. Their use will significantly speed up the processing of folio charges. You can find these features in the "Charges" section.


The feature allows you to apply a percentage discount to some or all services in the folio. The discount is reflected in the folio as a negative charge. Here is how to do so:

  • Open the folio for review and in the “Charges” section, select Functions->% Discount button;
  • Fill in the fields, as follows:
    • Percentage (1)  of the discount;
    • Text (2) of the charge used for posting the discount;
    • How to post (3) the discount: 

Separate discount for each revenue group  - for the services of each revenue group, the discount amount will be calculated  and the charge will be allocated to the respective group;

* One line - for all services having the same tax rates, a discount will be posted that will be allocated to the Discount revenue group .

  • Tick the checkboxes of the revenue groups (4), to which the discount will be applied.
  • Confirm through the 'Create' (5) button.

Remove taxes

The feature is applied to all charges in a folio. As a result of its use, all services to which tax is levied, will now have a 0 tax rate. Under the tax modes "Tax included in prices", the price of the services will be recalculated, as the amount of the removed tax will be deducted from this price. To use the feature:

  • Open the folio for review and scroll down to the Charges section;
  • Select the Functions->Remove/Subtract taxes from prices button.

Charge filtering

To ease your work with folios, we have added a feature through which you can easily filter part of the charges in the folio. Through the “View” button in the 'Charges' section, you can use predefined filters for the most common revenue groups. By selecting a filter, only the charges of the respective revenue group will remain. 

Example: If you want to only see the Room charges  in a folio instead of all charges, click the View->Room button.

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