Leverage the Web Reservation Systems` flexibility by controlling access to special rates and prices through the usage of various codes.

The Web Reservation System can make use of three separate codes:

  • Bonus codes
  • Company codes
  • Block codes

Important: All codes are CASE and SYMBOL sensitive.

Bonus codes

Bonus codes are the most straightforward tool to use in order to control access to special rates/prices.

Important: When using bonus codes, you are simply attaching a code to an existing rate in order to hide it from the general public. The code itself does not modify the price. You must first create the rate with its special conditions and (usually) discounted price and only then attach a code to it.

Make sure you have enabled the 'Bonus code' field in the WRS v2 settings. More info HERE.

To create a bonus code and attach it to a rate navigate to menu Web->Settings - Web Reservation System v.2->section 'WRS Rates'->Rates.

Once you are presented with the list of rates, you can enter the bonus code in the bonus code column for the rates you wish to hide and control who sees them.

Note: A rate must be published on the WRS. Simply attaching a code to a rate will not publish it.

Note: You can use the same code for many rates, but also one rate can have several codes (separated by comma).

Once saved, the rate will be hidden to the general public and only guests who enter the bonus code on the first step will see the rate, which will be indicated by a tag (as seen below).

Please note that guests will still see all other rates compatible with their search and not only the rate hidden behind the code.

You can use the bonus codes for various needs - offer promotional rates with discounted prices; have special rates and prices for loyal guests; offer a bonus code for a discount in your social media campaigns and others.

Company codes

Company codes can be immensely helpful if you partner with a lot of companies for which you have created special rates.

These codes enable you to provide those companies with their own code, which they can use to book rooms by themselves on rates attached to their company profile.

This is hugely beneficial as it will prevent unnecessary emails and/or phone calls between yourselves and the company, manual input of bookings, ultimately saving you a huge amount of time and effort.

To set up the Company code, you need to 

  • navigate to menu Company->Search company.
  • locate the company for which you want to set a code
  • edit the profile

  • navigate to section 'WRS' and populate the 2 fields:

  • Access code (1) - set the code itself. This is the code that companies should use on the WRS. Note that it is CASE and SYMBOL sensitive.
  • Role (2) - select if the profile should be added as a 'Company' or as an 'Agent' in the booking. 

Finally, make sure you have enabled the 'Company code' field in the WRS v2 settings. More info HERE.

Once set, you can send the code to the company so they start creating bookings themselves on the WRS on the designated company rates. Furthermore, if there are 'Contact persons' attached to the company profile, they can be used during the booking process to save time and prevent duplications of Guest/person profiles. More info HERE.

Company rates

None of the above will be possible, however, without you attaching rates to the company. There are two ways of attaching rates - through a Company contract or by simply attaching individual rates to the company profile. Full information about contracts and individual rates can be found HERE.

Important: It is not required to publish company rates on the WRS

Note: When companies use the code on the WRS, they will see only the rates attached to their company profile.

Block codes

The third and final code you can make use of is the Block code. These codes are tightly connected to the Events/MICE/Group bookings module and the room blocks in it and can be very useful for properties that utilize that module.

The major benefit of using the Block codes is that you can create room blocks for an event or group booking and allow the organizers to create bookings on their own through the WRS using the code and have the bookings allocated automatically to the event/group booking and pick-up a unit from the block.

To enable the functionality you need to do the following:

  • make sure you have enabled the 'Block code' field in the WRS v2 settings. More info HERE.
  • create a block in an event and set the following:
    • select a rate that will be attached to the block
    • optionally enter a Manual price - this price will override the price in the selected rate in case the agreed price is specific and not available in any of your rates
    • optionally enter for how many Adults and Children this block is
    • finally, attach a code to the block. You can set your own code (can be alphabetical or numeric) or you can use the 'Generate button' so that the system automatically generates a code (only numeric)

Important: You cannot use the same code for more than one block. This means that if you have a block for a DBL room and a separate block for APT, their codes cannot be the same (e.g. NY22), but should be different (e.g. DBLNY22; APTNY22).

Once all is set, you can provide the code/s to the event/group organizers and have them create the bookings on their own through the WRS and those bookings will be automatically attached to the event and pick-up from the block. On the WRS, they will be offered only the rate attached to the block code they have entered.

Example use cases of block codes:

  • an event with room blocks for which the organizer can book the rooms through the WRS
  • a large group booking for which you have used room blocks to reserve rooms. The organizer can book the rooms through the WRS, eliminating the need for constant emails, ever-changing rooming lists, and manual creation of bookings by yourself. 
  • you work with companies or tour operators for which you have strict allotments and have used room blocks to reserve the units. Using block code/s, the company/TO can book rooms from their allotment themselves through the WRS.