Clock PMS+ Update (20 Jan 2022)

Modified on: Wed, 14 Sep, 2022 at 3:30 PM



  • Payments Autopilot- we have added a new "After booking arrival" mode. A task with such a mode is related to the actual time of guest arrival.

    Example: If the booking arrival is at 16:30 and the task is set with a 1-hour offset, it will be executed no earlier than 17:30 (the time of execution is not exact and is approximate). 

    Use case: This new mode can be extremely helpful with certain virtual cards to be activated from the day after arrival.

  • We have added a new Accounts Receivable notes field to the folio. The field is only visible for closed folios via the "Currency/Name/Notes" button.
  • Accounts Receivable report:
    • We have added information about correction folios related to each master folio. In this way, it can be clearly seen how the balance of the master folio has been formed. 
    • We have added the option to include in the folio the notes entered in the "Accounts Receivable notes" field.

  • Advanced search for guest profiles- we have added search by birthday. With this feature, you can find profiles with birthdays in a certain period and prepare an email campaign for them. 

    Please note that the search by birthday uses only the system Birth date field.
  • Automatic "Tax rounding difference" charges are now split according to the tax rate of the services they are calculated on.

Integrations and Localizations

  • BRP - when opening a BRP Order through the booking, the calendar now opens with the arrival date of the booking.
  • IDeaS - blocks where arrival_date=departure_date are sent with status "cancelled".
  • API - added Pickup parameter for the API endpoint block_pickups. Added a new mode for the API endpoint block_pickups to be consistent with the Block Pickup report. By default, the point returns data similar to the report with a Report type=Availability. If the Pickup parameter is added when the point is called, the returned data can be compared to the that of the Report having Report type=Pickup%.
  • AJPES integration- the new requirements have been covered by the incorporation of the following changes:
    • We have added a numbering feature - the NUMBERING button starts the numbering functionality by specifying an initial number for the functionality (the value entered will be the first number). For your convenience, the system automatically suggests a number that is a continuation of the largest number used within the calendar year.
    • We have added the option to edit the zst serial number and casPrihoda (time of arrival) prior to an initial export of guest data. Once exported, the data cannot be changed and the modified casPrihoda will be submitted on the next export.
  • LightspeedPos - an existing company profile can now be selected in the billing_to field settings.


  • Fixed an issue with the display of some icons that was occurring in certain browsers. 
  • In Per-Guest Rates, the "Percentage" field now accepts fractional numbers as well.
  • Kiosk - a corrected message text when entering a wrong VAT number.
  • Bulgarian fiscalisation:
    • Fixed an issue with folio fiscalisation involving payments with negative amounts.
    • Fixed an issue where, in very rare situations, fiscalization of a cancelled document was not successful and returned a "Folio void has already been fiscalized!" error.
  • POS - payments with longer texts are now displayed in full on printouts.

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