Clock PMS+ Update (7 Oct 2020)

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Rates Reflecting Adults and Children

We have added support for adults and children in other places in Clock PMS+ to let you fully use the pricing functionality in relation to the age of children in the system.

  • Web Reservation System. We have added fields for the age of children on the first screen of our Web Reservation System. The entered ages will be accounted for during the rate calculation  and the guest will be shown the precise price. These ages will be transferred to the bookings made in the WRS. By default, the fields for children are HIDDEN on the first page. To make them appear, fill in the Min children age and Max children age fields in the Children ages section of the WRS settings. The entered values will be available for selection by guests.
  • Booking Enquiry. We have also added fields for children ages to the Booking Enquiry. Apart from being accounted for in the Booking Enquiry, these ages are also transferred to the bookings made on their basis.
  • Upsell Rates. In the calculation of Upsell rates, children ages are also accounted for.


Blocks – Manual prices 

For a greater flexibility and efficiency of the determination of the prices for Events and their blocks, we have introduced a new feature – Manual price. You can use the new Manual price functionality to quickly and easily set the room price per day for a block.

The Manual price in the block, similarly to the booking, also works in combination with the rate. Thus, charge templates and the related taxes in rates and packages are accounted for, resulting in more precise calculation of the net price of the block. The set Manual price will be transferred to the block-related bookings.

Blocks – Block name and multiple similar blocks

We have removed the restrictions on the doubling of blocks in one event. Now you can add multiple blocks for one and the same room type. They can have the same or different attributes – rate, status, etc. To be able to differentiate the blocks, when several similar blocks are created, we have added the name block field. This way, you can name each block in accordance with your needs. For example, you can have a separate block for double rooms, named 'Delegates', and another one called 'Organisers' .


  • Kiosk – we have changed the settings related to the payment interfaces of Adyen, so that the POS terminals of the stationery kiosks can be used along with the e-Commerce payments in the Online check-in mode.
  • On the Capacity counters screen, you can now find availability information (quantity remaining for sale), as well  the sold quantity for the day.
  • New liquid parameters in the Booking Offers. Through the new parameters, you can include information of the Guarantee policy and the Rate in your custom template. The new parameters are, as follows:: booking.guarantee_policy.t_name, booking.guarantee_policy.t_description | html, booking_offer_item.rate.t_name, booking_offer_item.rate.t_description
  • We have increased the allowed file size for CSS files for the WRS.


  • SmartHotel – changed XML rate upload, so that prices for 1 and 2 guests are submitted for the purposes of the compatibility with Goldres. The RoomStays comments are also added to the booking notes.
  • Data added to API endpoints: compannies, events, meeting_room_bookings. A new caterings endpoint providing access to information of the event-related catering entries.
  • HESTA export Switzerland – Export of statistical data in compliance with the requirements of The tourist accommodation statistics (HESTA)
  • IDeaS interface improvements. The decision import has been enhanced and now supports a maximum number of 390 days in the future for the decisions provided by IDeaS instead of 365.
  • LightSpeed POS (L series) -  A new possibility added for setting the document type and contractor data for the accounts to which the daily turnover from LightSpeed is transferred.


  • The input of a wrong password during login used to return an ambiguous error message for the user
  • The copying of a Per-Guest rate didn't copy the guest levels.
  • The login didn't work on Mac/iOS Safari 14
  • On closing folios in rare cases, the following error appeared: Billing to has already been taken
  • WBE – The Company Code field used to lose its value upon the user's going through the Availability Calendar and product selection from there.
  • With Hurdle rate deletion, the main rate connected to this Hurdle rate was also deleted.
  • A fixed issue with the algorithm for the calculation of the Per-Guest prices in case of several children at the same age.
  • We have fixed a POS bug causing the appearance of an ambiguous error for the user when a zero-valued invoice.

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