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Clock PMS+ Update (13 Feb 2020)

Modified on: Wed, 14 Sep, 2022 at 9:21 PM


New Bar Mode;

We have further optimised the POS speed, the Tables page in particular.  We have also added a new Bar mode.

  • The new Bar mode has the following functionality:
  • To open a particular Table screen, post charges and close the folio.
  • Instead of being redirected to the Tables screen, a new folio is instantly opened on the Menu screen for a next bill.
  • If you still need to go to the Tables screen, you can simply click the Back button.
  • The new mode is designed to be used at the bar or other places with only a few or no open bills.
  • You can find this setting by going to “Management” - “POS Settings” - “Bar Mode” (Open new folio after bill close”).
  • The setting is PER STATION, i.e. in the the restaurant, only the devices at the bar can work under this mode, the  rest will operate under the normal mode.

Fixes and other changes:

  • A bug fixed with the creation of virtual room types containing more than one identical components.
  • Patch for the Swedish fiscalization and deposit appropriation

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