Introducing guest profiles:

  • identified by e-mail;
  • collecting information from booking details;
  • suggested on creation of new bookings;
  • available in WRS, too.


  • Added PayPal payments.
  • Accepted credit card types can now be specified.
  • Rates can now be stopped for sale online even if there are free rooms left.
  • Auto fill of regular guest details.

Self Service portal

  • Added settings for activating services in the portal
  • Added hints for rooms used previously by regular guests
  • Add picture upload for rooms
  • Added Rate and Availability monitor for quick search of free rooms and prices.
  • Added TTOO Contracting/Vouchers Add-on for managing TO contracts and vouchers.
  • Optimized the new booking screen
  • Added new filters to reports
  • Extended the trial period