Introducing Clock POS (15 May 2014)

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Clock POS

Introducing Clock POS, designed for restaurants and based on open bills for tables. Clock POS accounts are created within the same subscription as Clock PMS. They share users and access to accounts is managed with special access rights.

  • The tables in Clock POS are organized in sectors and can host more than one bill.
  • The items in Clock POS are sorted in stores and groups and are selected from a menu. When ordered, they can be modified with modifiers and special instructions to the kitchen.
  • Menu items can be ordered in whole numbers or in fractions and paid in one or more payment methods (split payments). Bills can also be transferred to folios in Clock PMS.
  • Discounts are also supported.
  • Items on a bill can be voided and moved between bills. Bills can be split and moved between tables. Closed bills can be voided.
  • Receipts can be printed and reprinted. The system uses Epson TM-i printers.
  • Two types of closures are supported – user and day end.

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