Clock POS update (10 Jun 2014)

Modified on: Thu, 28 Nov, 2019 at 12:26 PM

  • Manual opening of cashier drawer. There are new buttons on the main screen, which waiters can use to force open the linked cashier drawers.
  • There is a new setting which regulates the automatic opening of the cashier drawer when a bill is closed.
  • If waiters use POS on mobile devices, they can close a bill when they are physically away from the cashier. Opening the drawer in such cases could be problematic.
  • A link for swift change of the local printer from the main screen.
  • Different halls / sectors (e.g. main restaurant and terrace) in an establishment, which are located at a distance from one another should also use separate printers. Since mobile devices can easily be used at both sectors, the printer they use should also be changed easily.
  • A new setting for disabling the printing of orders.
  • The setting is intended for establishments where clients are not given a receipt for each order they make. Instead, they can print the entire order (with the new 'Print' button) when necessary.
  • Receipts now print the running total, including the total of previous orders.
  • Modification of payments after closing the bill.
  • For easier correction of errors made on closing bills or on selection of payment type, payments can now be voided and new ones added even after a bill has been closed.
  • The function can be found in the closed bills list: select a payment, void, add a new payment.
  • The bill and the correct payment can be printed out with button 'Print'.
  • Custom modifier added: customer preferences or requirements for the preparation of a dish that have not been included in the standard list of modifiers.
  • Various minor tweaks

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