Clock PMS update (23 Jun 2014)

Modified on: Thu, 15 Sep, 2022 at 2:25 PM

  • Added length of stay, room, price and balance to the printout of the registration card.
  • Optimized the housekeeping screen. Now it allows easy change of room status. Also added a new housekeeping message and warning.
  • The confirmation letter text can now be arranged in paragraphs.
  • ParityRate – the automated transfer checks for overdue payments to confirm that the subscription is active.
  • Notifications instead of To-do tasks. A certain number of operations which generated To-do tasks, which did not require any action by the user, now generate notifications. They are shown on the desktop and are displayed for two days.
  • Fixed the fast booking search. All months are now selectable in the combo box.

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