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Bill Transfer

  • Sometimes guests change their mind and decide to pay their bill in cash, although they have initially intended to have it put on their hotel folio. Traditionally this leads to voiding bills and payments in the restaurant and cancellations in the hotel. The function helps avoid such confusion: the room selected at the start is printed in the intermediate bill total, before it is closed, together with booking details and a signature field. If the guests still want to have the bill transferred to their hotel folio, they just sign the receipt. If not, they pay their bill and the waiter closes the bill with the correct payment method. This procedure reduces the possibility of errors significantly and guarantees that all bill transfers are authorized with a client signature.
  • Selecting the room at the start also gives waiters the clients' names, so they can address them personally.
  • The room service works in a similar way: select the room, print an intermediate bill total with booking details, take the receipt to the guest to be signed, close the bill later with the actual payment method the guest has selected.
  • To select a room at the start, use button 'Select Room'. If a room has already been selected, it is replaced by button 'Transfer'. Clicking 'Transfer' opens a special screen for confirming the operation (button 'Transfer') or cancelling it (button 'Detach').
  • The rooms linked to bills are shown in the main screen, in the upper part of the table, together with the name of the booking holder.
  • Function 'Undo' for transfers to the hotel or wrong payment types
  • Sometimes hotel transfers can be errors for a variety of reasons: wrong room number, guest changed their mind, etc. Such errors are usually complicated to correct and may lead to even more errors. The 'Undo' function solves the problem: the charges and the payment created in PMS are automatically voided with a single click.
  • After the 'undo' operation, the bill can be transferred to the correct room or paid in some other way (cash, credit card, etc.)
  • Bills that should have been transferred to the hotel. Similar to the previous case, the payment can be voided and then transferred to the desired folio.
  • The system even allows correcting payments after day end has been run.
  • The charges in PMS are voided regardless of their location at the moment. Even if they have been transferred to another folio, they are tracked and voided.
  • 'Undo' cannot be applied over charges in closed folios. Such cases are resolved in two steps: voiding the charges in the PMS folio and voiding the payment in POS. After these two procedures, the correct transfer or payment can be executed.
  • The function is located in Management – Closed bills – Open bill.
  • 'Undo' requires user rights for voiding charges and payments in open bills and in bills archived by day end. Each voided charge and payment generates a control event, so the operation can be tracked easily.
  • Up-to-date transfer information
  • Clock POS provides accurate information about the location of the transferred charges, even if they have been transferred to different folios. The information includes folio number, booking, booking holder or corporate account.
  • The closed bills list shows a summary, the bill itself shows detailed information.

User rights and Control

By default the new user rights are granted to all active users, which have access to Clock POS!

  • New access right for settings and reports: 'Settings'. Gives access to all options in the right part of the Management screen, including reports.
  • New right for day end and closing other users: 'Closures'. Self closure does not require a special right.
  • New rights and control events for: voiding charges – before and after day end separately; voiding payments – before and after day end separately; adding new payment to bills after day end.
  • Voided charges are included in day end report, so they can be tracked easily.
  • Control events are included in day end reports.
  • Unpaid bills are also included in day end reports. Unpaid bill is a bill whose payment has been voided after the bill itself has been closed. This requires the rights listed above and generates the related control events.
  • Added new report providing detailed information about payments received in a specified period. The report is located in the bottom right part of the management screen. It can be accessed by users with right 'Settings' granted.

Fixed issues

  • For tables with more than one bills opened, the split of quantity only worked for the bill that was currently manipulated.

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