• New method for auto assignment of rooms.
  • Added new setting, which gives two auto assignment options: one that follows the room sort order and another that assigns rooms randomly.
  • The random room assignment aims to ensure equal wear of rooms in the long run. The setting is located at the bottom of screen Settings – Rooms.

Centralised reports

  • The Charge Summary Report can be run to give information about all accounts in the subscription.
    • The report filters let you select the accounts that you want the report to include. You can select any account that you have access to.
    • You can select accounts of different types: Hotel, POS, Golf, etc. The data will be presented in one common report.
    • The data can be sorted by accounts (Hotel 1 – data, Hotel 2 – data, Restaurant – data, etc.) or it can be summarised for the entire division/region/chain/etc.
    • The new options add to the better integration between Clock POS and Clock PMS. Managers can get the total revenue information without transferring data between different systems.

User rights

  • Special access option for housekeeping staff.
    • Added new right: 'Access: basic', which allows access to all basic functions that are not governed by other rights.
    • Users that are not granted the new right, can only access the desktop and the Housekeeping report. By default 'Access: basic' is granted to all users!
  • Access to reports: new right 'Reports: Statistics reports'
    • The new right governs the access to all reports that contain statistical or financial information about the hotel.
    • The old right, 'Reports: Control reports', governs the access to all control rights, as before.
    • The operative reports are controlled by 'Access: basic' only. By default the right is not granted to any user!
  • Any changes in the online reservation system and the Self Service portal now require access right 'Settings: Update'.

Self Service portal

  • Guests who pay their bills through the Self service portal can now do so using the WorldPay interface for credit card payments.


  • The rates that do not match the search criteria are now listed in a hidden section
    • So far the rates that did not match the search criteria (minimum guests, period, or some other restriction) were not shown at all.
    • Now those rates can be shown with link 'See more rates not compatible with your search' for each room type.
    • This gives clients information for possible better offers for longer stays (e.g. 7-day packages). Seeing all the options makes the booking process clearer.
  • The internal logic of the calendar and the room/rate combinations list has been changed so the possibility of discrepancies is avoided and clients get clear accurate information.


  • In response to subscriber requests, the to-do tasks for new bookings and cancellations have been restored.
    • As it turns out, to-do tasks serve the purpose better than plain notifications.
  • Registration cards – the contact details of the booking are auto filled in the first registration card added.
    • Since this is the usual case, the registration cards will be faster to complete.
  • Modified the 'select folio' screen for transfers.
    • The suggestions now include the company selected in the booking.
  • Restored payment sub-type sorting in the Payments report.