Clock POS update (29 Jul 2014)

Modified on: Thu, 15 Sep, 2022 at 2:18 PM


Editing more than one menu item at a time

You can now bulk edit menu items, which makes it easier to change their menu group, tax value, price, etc. Go to setting Menu items, select the items you want to edit and click Edit multiple. If a field cannot be modified, it will not be updated.

Added a new currency setting

Different restaurants can now set their system correctly. The setting is subject to a new user right for editing currencies and exchange rates.

Stand-alone restaurants

For greater clarity and ease of use in stand-alone restaurants, if there are no hotels linked, the button for selecting rooms and hotel transfer is hidden.

Credit bills

  • Added report Accounts Receivable, which ensures easier tracking of payable bills. The closure report also includes a special section for such bills.
  • The closed bills list also includes a special column for unpaid bills.
  • Currently credit bills are closed in a two-step procedure. First a bill is closed with any payment type (e.g. Other) and then the payment is voided. This ensures that credit bills can only be handled by users authorized to void payments.
  • Added a list of Companies so their credit accounts can be organized. This functionality will be developed further.

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