Clock PMS update (29 Jul 2014)

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Self Service Portal

  • Self service portal:
  1. Guests fill in their own registration cards (existing option);
  2. Guests review their registration cards together with the hotel policy and prices (the existing registration card content);
  3. Guests sign their registration cards.
  • Reception (guests fill in their own details):
  1. Guests arrive at the hotel;
  2. The receptionist finds their booking on a tablet set for this purpose especially;
  3. The receptionist selects 'Functions' - 'Self Service Portal'. The portal open without requesting PIN;
  4. Guests fill in their own registration cards and sign them (as in the first case). With this guests are again shown and recommended the functions of the Self service portal.
  • Reception (details filled by receptionist):
  1. Guests arrive at the hotel;
  2. Receptionists fill in their registration cards in the system;
  3. Guests check their registration cards, hotel policy and prices on a tablet on the spot.
  4. Guests sign their registration cards. This case is a bit slower, since the booking has to be called up both on the reception computer and on the guest tablet.
  • Just signature:
  1. Guests arrive at the hotel;
  2. Receptionists fill in their registration cards in the system;
  3. Guests are offered just the touch pad to sign. (Touch pads are cheap periphery devices that are used instead of a mouse. Often they are also wireless.)

Derived rates

  • Derived rates calculate their prices by adding or subtracting fixed amounts or percentages to/from the prices of a standard rate. They save time and effort and facilitate rate management significantly. Additionally, when used together with rate restrictions, they open more possibilities for building flexible yield management strategies.
  • They require an active Advanced rate management add-on.
  • Find more on derived rates here: //

Fast bill handling for more than one room at a time

  • The option for merging bills several rooms or a small group can be invoiced fast on check in, check out or at any other moment.
  • Select the desired bookings in any of the search screens (arrivals, in hotel, departures, etc.), select function Folios – Transfer, select the destination folio, specify which postings to transfer (all services or certain revenue groups only), and confirm the merger.

Optimizes registration cards management

  • The changes show users clearly if all the desired fields in the registration cards have been filled, which shortens check-in time at reception.
  • In all booking search screens (arrivals, etc.) this is indicated by an icon.
  • The booking preview also shows clearly whether its registration card has all required attributes.
  • The required fields also work differently. So far a registration card could not be saved before all required fields had been filled. This did not allow partial completion. Now a registration card can be saved without all the required details, but the missing information is clearly indicated.
  • New fields have been added to the registration card options: name, address, phone number, country.

Improved integration with Clock POS

From PMS you can now easily preview the POS bill that has brought specific charges, including the e-signature from POS (see below). In the folio, click the link of the POS bill under which the charges are grouped.

Stricter check for possible duplications of rooms

Room assignment has been optimized to avoid duplication of rooms, which could happen in multi-user mode. Sharing rooms can now only be done manually in the booking edit screen. A booking in a shared room can only be saved after explicit user confirmation.

Minor changes

  • Creating multiple bookings: removed the consecutive number from the guest name. The number is now found in field reference number.
  • Added link for quick opening of all WRS rates in the Rate Availability screen (WEB - WRS - Rate and Availability).
  • Added new setting for default tax value. Currently it is only used for creating charges in ParityRate. Soon it will be introduced in other places.
  • Added filter Source for sorting transferred charges to Charges Summary Report, Charges segmentation report, Closed Folios Summary Report.

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